Boot Hockey

I stopped in the office today to pick up my laptop. It’s been snowing all day so our roads are a mess – again – for like the 100th time this winter of non-stop snow here in Wisconsin.

But this morning also brought some boot hockey with the crew from my old job. Big T and I rolled out of bed this morning, bundled up and joined my old friends for some boot hockey at a local park frozen over with ice rinks.

Worth prefacing, I am not coordinated at all with a stick in my hands and on ice. I wiped out a lot. My elbow is still sore from one particular complete wipe out. But hey, I scored two goals!! And two assists. And my one stint at goalie rather sucked, because I let in three, but the other team had some kids with actual hockey experience. So I’m going with the positive – I had two goals!!

I think I also had about 30 shots, but let’s not think about how many times I wiffed it. 🙂

Tonight, I’m hanging out with my mom. If you haven’t hung out with your mom in a while, you should. Or you should call her. Mom’s are awesome.



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2 responses to “Boot Hockey

  1. Nursedude

    Blondie, our Portuguese exchange student is discovering the joys of Boot Hockey here in Minnesota. My son takes him to play with some of his buddies.

  2. Anonymous

    Where are you? Things are happening in womens rugby and we miss your updates!

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