Marion Jones

The unfolding story of Marion Jones’ downfall is truly sad.

And now she’s going to prison.

This guy thinks she deserves it

The most disappointing thing is Jones could have gone down in history as the greatest female athlete ever by doing it naturally. She was so good even before using steroids that she didn’t need them to win far more than her fair share of fortune and fame.

That wasn’t good enough. Jones got greedy.

She cheated, and she lied. She still might be lying about how much she knew and when she knew it.

It won’t be any fun watching her go to prison. But I’d be lying if I didn’t think she was getting what she deserves.

What do you think?

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8 responses to “Marion Jones

  1. Em

    She did cheat. She did lie. But I don’t see rich old white men politicians going to jail for perjury. Let’s make an example of a black woman athlete, yay. Not at all questionable. Nope.

    P.S. Will Bonds get jail time? Will Clemens? Will either or both of them get banned from the HOF? An interesting saga, to be sure.

  2. dave92311

    As with Martha Stewart and others, She is not going to jail for what she did, but, for lying about it. Having said that, I feel she is a strong person and will survive this. I will be praying for her.

  3. Anonymous

    I totally agree with em. I think it becomes even more questionable when “U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas said he gave her the maximum under the plea deal to send a message to athletes who have abused drugs abd overlooked the values of ‘hard work, dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship’.”(AP) Yup, she’s the poster child for drug abuse, etc, etc. Anybody remember when she did the commercials for nike bringing up how tennis stars, gymnasts, figure skaters, etc., join the pro ranks in their teens yet we don’t, as a society, condemn them like we do fb or bb players leaving college?


  4. Anonymous

    Going to prison for 6 months is a bit heavy… Really, more needs to be done to address the emotional aspects of why so many athletes are choosing enhancement drugs. Outside of money, a lot of it has to do with self esteem…

    A degree of insecurity in esteem is what helps drive athletes – it’s healthy and natural. But quite often competitors don’t have perfectly formed self esteem. A woman may be from a poor family, had a traumatic childhood, suffered when “coming out”, had an abusive partner as an adult, etc… They’re striving hard for respect in the eyes for their peers or public, yet too often it goes astray…

    Maybe part of the answer is education. Perhaps athletes need to be recognized and taught the value of their high achievements relative to what they’re given by nature. Sports are not always fair in terms of natural gifts… For example, in rugby there are lots of awesome women D2 players who might just be too small to play for a Berkeley or Beantown – but they should still be recognized as great athletes… And, all athletes need to be educated more that success is not always money or fame…

    Coaches obviously weigh in the mix too… Maybe it is rare that a coach dispenses ‘roids. But clearly top coaches play on an athlete’s self esteem as a natural motivator. But forms of excessiveness can be unproductive or outright abusive, perhaps triggering all sorts of undesirable results in players…

  5. Anna

    she’s being made a whipping boy.

    the whole thing is sad: that she made the choices she did, that she lied to try and protect herself – but even more so that a self-righteous public is so eager to throw stones and castigate her.

    her life has been destroyed for something that ultimately hurt her far more than anyone else in the world. prosecution of perjury in this country is uncommon and selective; sending her to prison is unjust.

  6. Nursedude

    It’s kind of odd to think that Marion Jones is going to do more Jail time than the late Enron CEO Kenneth Lay. He conveniently died before he served his jail sentance. She is going to do more time than most guys who beat their wives or have killed people while driving drunk. yes, what she did sucked, and she was a lying piece of shit-but there is no way she should be doing the level of Jail time she is about to get. I think the public humiliation and losing her medals was MORE than enough punishement. She does not belong in the same zip code of doing hard time as a bunch of scum bags. Being a high profile woman can come back to bite you-look at what happened to Martha Stewart.

  7. Nursedude

    Yo Blondie, my apologies for the profanity in my last post. I’m a guest and should not have used quite so strong language in describing Ms.jones. let me rephrase it by saying the amount of lying she was doing was cynical, to say the least ,,,,but I still don’t think she should be doing hard time.

  8. Anonymous

    I believe that most of the reason she is serving jail time is for Check Fraud. Not sure on all the details but she had some check scheme going on to hide the fact it was her actually buying the drugs.

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