Sore, Tired

Our indoor rugby session last night amounted to over 90 minutes of stop-start sprinting with ball-handling drills. A hell of a lot of running.

I was already hungry before we got there, but Big T ignored my attempts to convince him it would be more fun to eat instead of train. He keeps me focused, even if I’m still hungry.

Lots of good drills, some four corners, two-on-ones, three-on-ones, and then variations on those some more, then some mauling work. We had a new player show up who I think will be a good fit.

Tuesday’s fitness testing has finally shown up in some soreness in my abs and legs, ever so slightly in my traps. And the running just makes me tired. So I’m a bit stiff today and definitely didn’t want to get out of bed.

Tonight is our first major workout at the Monkey Bar. So look for an entertaining recap tomorrow of me getting my ass handed to me.

Big T has also suggested we do our own MBG-style workout this weekend so we don’t spend four days doing nothing in between the three-day bonanza of fitness. I said sure, albeit a bit grudgingly. I do have a jump rope though that needs some jumping.

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