Clarification and Apology

All –

I received a nice e-mail today from a longtime reader and fellow blogger. I’ll leave it quiet who it was, but she wrote to ask me what’s up related to this post among some other stuff that’s happened lately.

She also said “lately you really seem to be laying into other women’s rugby bloggers” and “I guess I’m just stating my opinion that copy-cat is a bit of a derogatory term especially if you’re trying to encourage more discussion and exposure of women’s rugby.”

So I would like to apologize to everyone for this. I won’t go back and delete the post or anything else I’ve written, but I will say I’m sorry if this was read as anti-women’s rugby bloggers. I never meant it that way.

It actually has nothing to do with any one blog specifically, and is definitely not just women’s rugby. But I get a lot of e-mails and sometimes even phone calls (one while I was at work!) from people out there who want to, for example, know how much money I make off of my ads (if I’m lucky, a nickel a day, which is nobody’s business but mine if we’re being polite). Or who wants links from here to get traffic for a blog they just started, haven’t really written anything of worth, and then a month later, they disappear again. Or I visit sites and they’re ripping some player or team (American or International) to shreds without any thought for how this affects that player, that team or the greater community.

A lot of this is due to the fact that I have been getting a lot more visitors and traffic, even the link from the BBC – which was awesome – but definitely ramped up a lot of the bullshit stuff too.

I meant “copycat” in regards to sites that are just out there instantaneously, regurgitating some of my posts (and some of yours), copying and pasting directly from news sites without proper sources (so it looks like they wrote it themselves), or even in one case, a site that copied my link lists directly in exactly the same order. With no regards for trying to do something on their own merits.

I hope this makes sense. I didn’t think I needed to explain this, but clearly some of you took it personally, which was not my intention. So I’m sorry.

For all of you out there, who are writing and sharing your views of the rugby world, whether it’s from Wisconsin, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, England, Japan, Germany or anywhere else … please keep doing what you’re doing. It’s awesome.

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3 responses to “Clarification and Apology

  1. Steve


    The price of success. People read your blog because it’s good, and want links and copy you because you’re good. Unfortunately, not everyone is up to your standards, so you encounter the issues you’ve described. Keep up the good work, and keep the rest of us wannabes inspired.

  2. Anonymous

    I am a believer in Intellectual Property Rights. Fact is if Blondie has the ingenuity, the guts, and the motivation to create something unique then she has a total right to claim it as hers. That right means others should not copy it in any way (in whole or part).

    Of course Blondie might choose to allow it to be in the public domain but whatever she does is her right and she does not need to explain it. Certainly what I find is negative is anyone who would lay a guilt trip on her. We are not a communist society. Fact is we are better off with a dedicated journalist who can make a buck and give us quality, consistent stories.

    I don’t know where the notion comes from that a woman should feel in any way guilty in making a dollar or that everything should be a freebie. Even worse, that a woman would even need to explain it??

    My advise to Blondie – you should copyright your blog. What you have done is awesome, you should be proud of it, and you should defend your rights to it.


    Best Regards,

    Adam Smith (author “The Wealth of Nations”)

  3. Dan

    Just keep writing what you want to write. If it is from the heart then it is worth so much more to the readers than “keeping in line”.

    That is the power of blogs. If others don’t like it then there are plenty of other places to look for what they want to hear.

    If something gets copied from a free piece, at least acknowledge it – annoying for you if they don’t.


    editor, Rugby Coach

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