Overachiever Coach

Former USA Eagle scrumhalf Lee Knight – who blogged her way through the 2006 Women’s World Cup – is now a Coach, but off the rugby field for Overachievers.

You can learn more about her new career here and be sure to check out her thought-provoking blog. Best of luck to her in her new career path.

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2 responses to “Overachiever Coach

  1. Lee Knight

    Thanks for the support, Blondie!

    Many of us from the World Cup squad went through a period of having to “figure out life” after such a big event and when I was doing my own introspection, I found there weren’t many things out there to help me. As I got through my own questions, I decided I wanted to use the tools I had learned in business and from leadership & personal development books to help others grow and find their own path. If anyone out there is interested, definitely contact me – leeknight@overachievercoach.com

    I’m not sure if I’m entirely hanging up the boots just yet, but this new business is keeping me pretty busy for now!

    Thanks again and all the best to everyone in 2008.

    Lee Knight

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