Have you seen this? Completely rediculous!

Referee suspended for dropping his shorts
A referee who dropped his shorts during a women’s rugby match in Peterborough has been suspended from officiating for 18 weeks.

The Rugby Football Union for Women (RFUW) said Robert Tustin bared his bottom in the closing stages of a match last month.

Amanda Walker, captain of Norfolk side Thetford, who were taking on a team from Peterborough, said: “We were waiting to restart after Peterborough scored when the referee walked off the pitch and took his boots off. He then walked back on to the pitch and pulled his shorts down.

“It was completely out of the blue and I have no idea why he did it. It wasn’t comical. It was absurd behaviour.”

Ms Walker, whose team play their home games at Two Mile Bottom, in Norfolk, said the match continued when the referee pulled up his shorts.

“People were in shock and just carried on as normal,” she said.

“Apparently he asked people not to stamp on his feet, as he didn’t have his boots on.”

At an RFU disciplinary hearing – held in Coventry earlier this week and chaired by former scrum half Richard Moon – Mr Tustin was banned and told to pay £100 costs.

Rosie Williams, managing director of the RFUW, said: “It may seem a funny thing to do but this wasn’t the sort of behaviour you expect from a referee.”

What an idiot.

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