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Check this out …

One of our men’s coaches just showed me this site … it’s pretty awesome. We’re going to be using some of the drills and moves at our indoor practices that start – gasp! – in less than two weeks.

I love the animated examples for the drills and moves. Check out any drill under “Rugby Drills” and then hit Play up in the corner. It’s great to see how the numbered jerseys run the drill to show you how a certain play or move works. And it looks like they’ll take submissions, if you have any you wish to share. Or you can download them too.

Pretty cool …

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Clarification and Apology

All –

I received a nice e-mail today from a longtime reader and fellow blogger. I’ll leave it quiet who it was, but she wrote to ask me what’s up related to this post among some other stuff that’s happened lately.

She also said “lately you really seem to be laying into other women’s rugby bloggers” and “I guess I’m just stating my opinion that copy-cat is a bit of a derogatory term especially if you’re trying to encourage more discussion and exposure of women’s rugby.”

So I would like to apologize to everyone for this. I won’t go back and delete the post or anything else I’ve written, but I will say I’m sorry if this was read as anti-women’s rugby bloggers. I never meant it that way.

It actually has nothing to do with any one blog specifically, and is definitely not just women’s rugby. But I get a lot of e-mails and sometimes even phone calls (one while I was at work!) from people out there who want to, for example, know how much money I make off of my ads (if I’m lucky, a nickel a day, which is nobody’s business but mine if we’re being polite). Or who wants links from here to get traffic for a blog they just started, haven’t really written anything of worth, and then a month later, they disappear again. Or I visit sites and they’re ripping some player or team (American or International) to shreds without any thought for how this affects that player, that team or the greater community.

A lot of this is due to the fact that I have been getting a lot more visitors and traffic, even the link from the BBC – which was awesome – but definitely ramped up a lot of the bullshit stuff too.

I meant “copycat” in regards to sites that are just out there instantaneously, regurgitating some of my posts (and some of yours), copying and pasting directly from news sites without proper sources (so it looks like they wrote it themselves), or even in one case, a site that copied my link lists directly in exactly the same order. With no regards for trying to do something on their own merits.

I hope this makes sense. I didn’t think I needed to explain this, but clearly some of you took it personally, which was not my intention. So I’m sorry.

For all of you out there, who are writing and sharing your views of the rugby world, whether it’s from Wisconsin, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, England, Japan, Germany or anywhere else … please keep doing what you’re doing. It’s awesome.

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Overachiever Coach

Former USA Eagle scrumhalf Lee Knight – who blogged her way through the 2006 Women’s World Cup – is now a Coach, but off the rugby field for Overachievers.

You can learn more about her new career here and be sure to check out her thought-provoking blog. Best of luck to her in her new career path.

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Was anyone else’s belief in karma confirmed today with this news?

You really do reap what you sow.

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I found two goods ones yesterday …

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” – Vince Lombardi

The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” – Oprah Winfrey

Courtesy of this series on “Self Discipline” by Steve Pavlina.

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I found a great site today while I was looking up nutritional information on Kale.

World’s Healthiest Foods

It provides a list of great foods that are common and healthy for you, along with the research and references/sources to back it all up.

I bought Kale last night at the grocery store and made some sauteed in olive oil and garlic as part of dinner. It was pretty good and it’s whopping full of powerhouse nutrients too. If you like veggies, give Kale a try.

I’m trying to incorporate more wholesome foods in my everyday meals. Kale has now joined the party.

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Two Weeks Off

Back today after taking two weeks away from here …

More or less because it’s been busy with vacation, rugby banquets, work, the holidays and Christmas shopping and fun.

And I was giving myself a break from rugby however I could.

So, today, I’m in my office. But decided Christmas isn’t over yet, so I’m listening to Christmas songs off the web. It’s pretty quiet around here, which is awesome. I’ve barely seen anyone today and am enjoying the quiet.

I hope you had a nice break and spent it enjoying time with your friends and family. And hopefully not being mauled by an escaped tiger.

My trip with Big T to Chicago was fabulous. We walked so much, rode the El and buses around the city – kind of feeling like a real Chicagoan – went to the Shedd Aquarium, saw “The Bean”, walked up and all over State St. and Michigan Ave.

Had some really awesome burgers at a great bar – Kuma’s Corner – check it out today if you love the idea of good food (I had a Metallica Chicken burger and a yummy salad) served to you by a waitress with lots of piercings while Tool serenades your meal.

We came home for our men’s team banquet and I had a tad bit too much to drink – every photo of me I have the craziest faces. Seriously, a boot of beer and me = “ultra specialness”. Although my team enjoyed the Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl that same night and I got to meet up with everyone later, which was fabulous. Especially Goose and Scottie’s Christmas capes (tree skirts!).

A great past week spending time with my family and some much-awaited time off. And I got some pretty good presents, although I really prefer giving presents to everybody else and seeing how much they enjoy them.

So, yeah, today, in the office. Boooo. But itching to get out of here as soon as possible today to return a few things and get organized because I’m moving this week too. Making the big move from my sister’s house to live with Big T. “Sinners” … I know. 🙂

And my cat, the fabulous Mr. Jib is moving with me – we’re like a scrumhalf and a flyhalf. So Big T gets two roommates for the price of one. What a lucky, lucky man. 😉


A few notes on the blog that I’ve been thinking about …

1. I’m going to be getting back to more of my “journaling” on here. Less of the news. I’ll still share good rugby stories and news, but it’ll be more links and “Rugby Bits & Bites”, than whole big chunks. I think more of you prefer that anyway. Plus, in the past year there have been enough “copycat” blogs that have come up and I dislike feeling like this is in any way a competition (especially with blogs that are sometimes negative or are somebody’s egotrip) I’ll just do what I enjoy and share what’s happening. I’ll save the competition for the pitch.

2. There’ll be other changes, because I’d like to clean this up a bit, make it more useful for resources, etc. So if you have any ideas, let me know.

3. I’d like to do more features on teams and people, share what’s happening out there and help us promote our teams. Again, ideas are welcome.

4. I’ll try to post more fitness and workout info on here. I have less than two weeks until the Monkey Bar Gym classes start and I know I’ve got to start running, watching the junk I’m eating and working on my health and fitness. It helps that I’ll be moving in with a workout wizard. I think he actually enjoys running … oy. Mr. Jib and I could both lose some tummy weight though, so here we go.

5. I’m looking forward to 2008. I hope you are too. 🙂


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