Spotlight on Nina

Our first official Spotlight!

Name: Nina Corda

Nickname: Mutti

Where You Live Now: Bremen (Germany)

Hometown: Bremen

Occupation: it-freelancer/hausfrau

Education: i’m a prop and am able to read and write, ain’t that enough?

Years Involved in Rugby: 16

Rugby Team You Play For Currently: union60 rugby bremen

Previous Team(s): 1860 bremen

Position You Currently Play: No. 1

Other Positions You’ve Played: Hooker, No. 3

Your Favorite Position or the Position You’d Most Like to Try: 8 man

Are you also a coach, administrator or referee? If so, tell us about
Got a coaching license but don’t use it (shame on me) , am team
manager and did attend a ref’s workshop, but don’t think i’d be a
good ref.

Did you or do you participate in any other sports? football (that’s soccer for you guys) as a kid, martial arts.

Other activities you enjoy: cooking, reading

Favorite Foods: cucina italiana

Favorite Movies/Television Shows: louis de funes movies, the sopranos

Favorite Books: the adrian mole diarys – sue townsend

Favorite Websites:

Favorite Music: northern soul

Your “Up At Bat” or “Enter the Arena” Song: Dobie Gray – Out On The

Words to Live By (Personal Motto or Fave Quote): God invented beer to
keep Forwards from taking over the world.

Heroes or Role Models: dr rodrigo roncero

Dream Occupation: chef

Tell us about how you first started playing rugby: first time: i was watching the world cup on tv with my best friend and we were like: we should do that too, seems like fun! and then we called the local club and a week later we started training… second time: after not playing rugby for almost 10 years i took my daughter to watch a match of the mens team and half of the team were guys i knew from the past. they asked me when i’d come back to training and a
week later i was back in rugby…

Tell us about the first (or best) try you ever scored: every try i score is a miracle 😉

Places you’ve traveled for rugby: england, france, italy

Why do you continue to be involved in rugby? Why is rugby important to
because there is no other sport like rugby. if i cannot play rugby i get really imbalanced.

Why should others come play for your team?
because we’re really nice and friendly and have fun together, on and off the field.

Do you have any gameday rituals? not that i know.

What’s your most favorite part of rugby? the scrum.

What’s your least favorite part of rugby? washing the jerseys

Your Teammates Would Describe You As: mutti (that’s mom for you)

Future rugby plans or hopes: playing 8 man for our friends SCB in berlin, scoring for berlin in an important match

Shoutouts and Thank Yous: my family and my team

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2 responses to “Spotlight on Nina

  1. nina

    btw: i’m the one in the white shorts..

  2. Steve

    I love it! Great profile Nina, and great idea Blondie!

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