I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while, so I figured now was a good time to add something new to the mix here at Saturday’s A Rugby Day … the SARD Spotlight!

But our Spotlight isn’t just for the all-stars or the celebrities, it’s for everyone!

Simply paste the following questions into an e-mail, answer them about yourself, attach a photo (smiling social or rugby action) and mail it to Blondie at

I’ll post a new Spotlight every month (every two weeks if we get lots) and you enjoy some adulation and a chance to recruit for your team to boot!

There’s only three rules: Keep it clean, keep it positive and you must send a photo.

I’ve posted an example featuring yours truly up today and I’ll have links in the sidebar.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

ADDED: If anyone out there is interested in providing some fun rugby swag or gear to our feature Spotlights, let me know. Thanks!

Saturday’s A Rugby Day Spotlight

Name (full or First Name, Last Initial):


Where You Live Now:




Years Involved in Rugby:

Rugby Team You Play For Currently:

Previous Team(s):

Select-Side/All-Star Teams:

Special Honors:

Position You Currently Play:

Other Positions You’ve Played:

Your Favorite Position or the Position You’d Most Like to Try:

Are you also a coach, administrator or referee? If so, tell us about it:

Did you or do you participate in any other sports?

Other activities you enjoy:

Favorite Foods:

Favorite Movies/Television Shows:

Favorite Books:

Favorite Websites:

Favorite Music:

Your “Up At Bat” or “Enter the Arena” Song:

Words to Live By (Personal Motto or Fave Quote):

Pet Peeves:

Heroes or Role Models:

Dream Occupation:

Tell us about how you first started playing rugby:

Tell us about the first (or best) try you ever scored:

Places you’ve traveled for rugby:

Why do you continue to be involved in rugby? Why is rugby important to you?

Why should others come play for your team?

Do you have any gameday rituals?

What’s your most favorite part of rugby?

What’s your least favorite part of rugby?

Your Teammates Would Describe You As:

Future rugby plans or hopes:

Shoutouts and Thank Yous:

Technorati Tags:


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One response to “Spotlight!

  1. Em

    LOLZ like AOL surveys in high school! (Yes, I know they do them on myspace now, but give the early-adopter survey junkies some credit.)

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