Save a Rugger from Aerobics!

Thanks to Jenna for passing this along … see below to donate rugby balls and equipment to soldiers serving in the Middle East, including a former New York Women’s alum. New York players, keep us updated on any donations. 🙂

From: Valerie Connolly
Date: Nov 27, 2007 12:46 AM

Hey Everyone,

You might be horrified at this past situation, my last deployment I was forced to do PT with my Army buddies. This wasn’t your typical “drop and give me 20 maggot!” PT. Instead, we did….step aerobics.

Alas, this time around there is hope. There is a group that has gotten together to organize touch rugby on Sunday mornings. There are lots of people however, only 1 ball.

Here is what we could use …

a few extra balls and a ball bag (I guess a pump would help too)
pinnies or better yet, belts with the velcro flag-things on them

I figured clubs at home would be willing to support the moral of the troops here, so here is your chance.

Otherwise, its step aerobics, you don’t want that on your conscience now do you?

Here is where you can send stuff:
Valerie Vuyovich-Connolly
APO AE 09342

Thanks and happy holidays!

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