One Week Until UK Tour

That came up fast, didn’t it?

Updates on the UK Tour via

English and Zdanczewicz will Captain US Squad for England Tour
11.26.07 – from USA
U.S. Women’s National Team Coach Kathy Flores has announced the team captains for the 2007 England Tour in December.

Veterans of the 2006 Women’s World Cup squad, Kristin Zdanczewicz (Minnestoa Valkyries) will act as Captain and Ashley English (Berkeley All Blues) will serve as Vice Captain for the three match tour, which spans December 6-16.

“Besides being instrumental players in the 2006 World Cup, they are both products of the U-23 program. Kristin is a top rated flanker for the Minnesota Valkyries and Ashley English is the fullback for National Club Champions, the Berkeley All Blues,” Coach Flores said. “We are looking for their leadership and experience to guide this young squad going to England.”

The Women’s National Team kicks off the 2007 England Tour against the Nomads on December 8 and faces England A on December 12 and the England Women’s National Team on December 15.

For those unaware, the Nomads is a mixed touring side of International players who have earned caps for their home countries, so a tough side of faces from other national teams like Canada, Scotland, England, etc.

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6 responses to “One Week Until UK Tour

  1. Anonymous

    Congrats Ham! I had the honor to coach Ham on the Midwest U21 Side in Rockford Il in 2001. We all knew she would rise to greatness. Good luck to Ham and all of the Eagles on their tour!

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck eagles!

    On another unrelated and more depressing note: Has anybody been reading the comments in Goff’s article about WNT sponsorship?


  3. Anonymous

    It’s more depressing when no one says anything… 🙂

  4. Blondie

    BHW –

    Other than a few idiots making the usual women ruin sports and so does title ix comments, there were a lot of good comments.

    So yeah, it’s sad that BS like this pops up, but it’s great to see so many people making positive comments – men and women alike.

    Don’t let the idiots get you down …

  5. Anonymous

    Blondie- Good point on the discussion on Goff. The positive comments far outweigh the negatives. Sadly, what is lost in that discussion is the fact that some very dedicated, hard working women are leaving in a couple of days to wear the red, white & blue and represent ALL of us, and we are having a discussion like that. Go Eagles!

  6. Anonymous

    just to diffuse some of the anger i’ve heard, “dilb” made a stupid comment ERC Judiciary Citing Problems article too – it’s not just directed at women – he’s just an idiot.

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