D-II Women’s Players and Fans – I can’t find scores for your championships anywhere.

Please share them!

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3 responses to “D-II?

  1. Kurt

    First Round.
    Scioto Valley (5) won over Albany (3)
    Naples (13) won over Nova (12)
    Orlando won over Village Lions
    Detroit Won over Harrisburg

    Second Round (so far)
    Scioto(28) Won over Naples (8)
    Detroit and Orlando are playing now.

    Ill post more later…


  2. Kurt

    Some revisions and the rest of the scores:

    First Round:
    Scioto Valley 5 vs. Albany 3
    Naples 15 vs Nova 13
    Orlando 36 vs Village Lions 0
    Detroit 26 vs Harrisburg 0

    Second Round:
    Scioto Valley 28 vs Naples 8
    Detroit 7 vs Orlando 5

    Final – Detroit vs. Scioto Valley
    3/4 – Naples vs. Orlando

  3. Katy

    crazy! a midwest final! those games must be tough. they look like some tight scores.

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