Scores – Updated!

I have scoured the web … and haven’t found much have awesome readers who send me scores!

ORSU defeats Philiadelphia, 41-24
Keystone defeats Atlanta, 15-5
Berkeley defeats Twin Cities Amazons, 30-5
Beantown defeats New York, 20-17

Somebody let me know what else happened! USA Rugby, eNews, etc., don’t have anything up yet either … oy!

And how about D-II scores?

Added: Big thanks to Colleen for the scores!

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6 responses to “Scores – Updated!

  1. Colleen Fahey

    Amazons 5 – Berkeley
    NY 17 – Beantown 20

  2. Colleen Fahey

    Amazons 5 – Berkeley 30
    NY 17 – Beantown 20

  3. Blondie

    Yeah, just for second I thought a blank Berkeley score meant 0 and I was like “Holy Shit” …

    But an impressive score holding the Blues nonethless for the Zons. Too bad I couldn’t watch it on my computer!!!

    And Beantown over New York?! Wowza!!

  4. Em

    Drop goal in the last second of regulation for Beantown.

  5. Emily

    I WISH my computer at work would have accepted the stream. A friend called and told me about the plays leading up to the drop goal, and the whole thing sounds amazing! (and suspenseful!)

  6. Sara

    Canada Senior Women’s Team beat Wales, 25-3! (Big news to your Canadian readers!) 🙂

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