Hmm …

10:44 a.m. CST
I think USA Rugby’s website is broken …

Anyone else able to see the games?

11:11 a.m. CST
“The system cannot find the path specified.” That doesn’t sound good at all …

4:02 p.m. CST
I got the new link from all of you, tried to watch and didn’t have the correct plug-ins I guess. Since I’m on a computer where I can’t download whatever I want, I gave up a while back. Boooo!

Now I need to find the scores.



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8 responses to “Hmm …

  1. Katie

    I tried and the message I got was “this website does not have a current default page” for Doh.

  2. Anonymous

    11:37 CST e-mail from USA Rugby with new link (loads video as a file so you can SAVE it too.)


  3. naptime rocks

    Even when it was working, the quality was not great. The picture was so small it was hard to see anything, and you had to hit re-load every minute to get it to refresh. Hopefully, the server went down because so many people were clicking in. Maybe USA rugby will see how many people value women’s rugby.

  4. Em

    Didn’t get any email. Someone wanna repost the link with line breaks so I can get all of it?

  5. Anonymous

    The link in my e-mail was:

    It’s not buffering first so it’s a bit choppy and the pic IS small


  6. Em

    I find the pic size okay, but the buffering is HORRID!

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