Women’s Elite 8 on the Web

Two questions spring to mind … will we really be able to watch all the games on the web and if so, will I get any work done tomorrow?

Also, if anyone has an idea of how to record the webcast games, let me know!! And it can’t be complicated.

I hope they do this for all the championships from now on. That would be awesome.

Via Dana, Jessa and everyone else cool who forwarded this to me, watch the D-I games on the web Friday and Sunday. Note: These are the updated times.

This weekend’s USA Rugby Senior Women’s Club Championship matches are being streamed live on line via http://www.usarugby.org. Matches are on Friday November 9 and Sunday November 11 in Stanford, Florida).

Further instructions are below in John Broker’s email but suffice it to say if you’re interested in seeing more broadcast support for women’s rugby you need to “vote” w/ your clicker and watch the event.

The announced referee assignments for the semi-finals on Friday (all times Eastern US GMT-5):

Plate Semi-Finals, Friday, November 9, 2007
Match 1. 10:00 am Philadelphia vs ORSU (Oregon Sports Union Rugby Club)
Referee: Paul Bethe (NFG, Northeast)
Performance Reviewer: Mike Cobb

Match 2. 11:45 (noon) Keystone vs Atlanta
Referee: Karen Lozada (Rugby Canada)
Performance Reviewer: Dave Metcalfe

Cup Semi-Finals, Friday, November 9, 2007
Match 3. 1:30 pm Twin City Amazons vs Berkeley
Referee: Simon Page (NP, South)
Performance Reviewer: TBA

Match 4. 3:00 pm New York vs Beantown
Referee: Dana Teagarden (NFG, Southern California)

I am most looking forward to that Amazons vs. All-Blues match.

Any predictions? Leave them in the comments.

And don’t forget the D-II Championships are happening too!!

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2 responses to “Women’s Elite 8 on the Web

  1. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    I am researching how to record the games live (I have a copy or Adobe Premiere and it says you can do it…) but am wondering if the videos will have to be downloaded live. The Austin Valks will be in Little Rock for a tournament all weekend so I won’t be able to watch any LIVE tape!

    So I am hoping they will have the videos available for awhile afterwards…

  2. Em

    If you can hook your computer up to your TV (supposedly I am watching Sunday’s games on a big screen this way), you should be able to record them somehow, even if it’s only with VCR (which could then be converted back to digital format). That’s a lot of work, though…

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