Congrats Indiana

The Indiana University Women surprised teams and won this fall’s Midwest D-1 title.

Via the Midwest RFU site, IU beat Purdue 22-5 while Northern Iowa defeated defending D-II champs Iowa State 24-20. IU beat Norther Iowa 15-12 for the championship.

I had a chance to meet some of the IU players and their coach at the recent U-19 camp we held here in Madison. And I’ve got to say, those IU players stood out impressively from the crowd. Plus they had the best t-shirts – “We put the Laughter in Manslaughter.”

More here at eRugbyNews if you have a subscription.

Added: Some further thoughts on this and the strength of college teams in the Midwest … why does their continue to be a large dropoff of collegiate talent moving into the senior teams?

Collegiates – Rugby doesn’t end after graduation!!

Senior Teams – Get out and support your local collegiates!!

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2 responses to “Congrats Indiana

  1. Lydia

    In regards to your comments about the large dropoff of college grads going into senior women teams…here’s one of the reasons: I don’t have time now that I’m in dental school. It sucks up your life until it becomes your life. Granted, that’s not everyone’s reason, but it’s one of the reasons for me.

  2. IU redstorm rugger

    Thanks for the mention! We appreciate the support. And our shirts are pretty awesome! $15 if anyone wants one!!

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