Cold! We will never be friends!

There was a whole lotta rugby posted so far today. So for all of you that read this just for me, and skim the rugby, you know who you are, I thought I would confess how much I hate the cold.

I was born in Wisconsin. Have lived here all of my life, except for that wonderful few months in the South Pacific, and don’t plan on moving away. Because it’s awesome the majority of the year.

But I hate cold weather. There are very, very few things enjoyable about cold weather. And most of them amount to things happening in warm environs where you look out a window to see the cold, but you are still warm and snuggly. Like Christmas. Or the first snow (the other night already!).

Or I’ll admit last year’s Bockfest bonanza of beer in a blizzard was fun.

But that’s it.

And I don’t have a hat. I haven’t been able to find my winter stuff yet.

But I just saw a man I work with leaving for the day and he was wearing one of those big fuzzy fur hats with the flaps. My dad has one. And I would like one. A faux-fur one would be good.

And some hot chocolate. And moonboots. And a scarf. And since we’re making a wishlist, throw in a million dollars too. You know, for the kids.



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4 responses to “Cold! We will never be friends!

  1. Em

    I am running out of blankets. I never thought I would say this b/c I’ve got two bed-size wool blankets, two throw-size wool blankets, four throw-sized fleece blankets, one summer blanket, three summer comforters, two woven-cotton throws, and a deer hide. Of these, the only coverings not in use are one woven-cotton throw and one summer comforter.

    What is Bockfest and can I come?

  2. Steve

    I miss cold weather and a real change of seasons. Winter in Hawaii is the rainy season. Cools things down, but I want cold. Went to Boise in February the last two years to get a small fix. The grass is always greener…

  3. Emily

    I hate the cold and don’t know if I could move further north. Anyone who lives where its below freezing (and snowing!) already gets major kudos.

  4. Anonymous

    I love the cold. I’ll take it over heat any day. Hope to move to Alaska at some point. You can always put on more clothes, but you can only take off so many. Just don’t like the reminder of when I frostbit my fingers playing ‘keeper when I was younger. Besides, it’s not even cold yet! Cold is when I can’t take the mouthpiece off my horn after band practice because it’s literally frozen on. 3 cheers for winter in WI! 😀


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