Women’s Rugby Roundtable

Via my e-mail and Annie in Tennessee, for all of you traveling down to Florida for the D-I or D-II women’s national championships, be sure to check this out …

First Annual Women’s Rugby Roundtable 2007
Now there are three reasons to visit Sanford Florida November 9-11.

Watch USA Rugby National Division I & II Senior Women’s Club Championships. For details on Women’s Nationals go to http://www.usarugby.org

Attend our First Annual Women’s Rugby Roundtable: Building support for Women’s Club Rugby
Hear our keynote speaker: Leslie Bonci, M.P.H., R.D. LDN, CSSD, Sports Dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers
When: Saturday November 10 from 2-5 PM
Where: Orlando Marriott Lake Mary http://www.marriot.com/mcoml
What: The US Women’s Rugby Foundation Event will be a two- part program. One is a roundtable discussion to focus on building support for Women’s Club Rugby. The other is a nutrition seminar presented by Leslie Bonci, Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
Cost: FREE

The Roundtable is a forum for you as a Player, Coach, Referee, or Administrator. Tell us what topics you would like to see discussed at future events.

• Where is women’s club rugby heading in the US today?
• What information do players need to reach peak performance (i.e. training schedules, nutritional guidance, etc.)?
• What aspects of the game would you as coaches like to see discussed (i.e. law changes and how they impact the current game, new strategies, etc.)?
• How do you recruit new players and keep retired players involved?
• Will joining the NCAA help or hurt women’s club rugby?
• What are the advantages/disadvantages of joining a men’s club?
• What is the best way to gain access to field space?

Join us in helping to identify future needs to assist in the growth of Women’s Club Rugby. RSVP at register@uswomensrugbyfoundation.org to participate in this forum.

Keynote Speaker Leslie Bonci offers nutritional tips for the coach and athletes to help players achieve optimal performance during competition. As well as being the director of the Sports Nutrition Program for the University, Leslie serves as the sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers and works as a consultant to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) providing expertise on nutrition and performance.

And someone take good notes, I’ll post them here.

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One response to “Women’s Rugby Roundtable

  1. Em

    Damn, I would love to be there. The cheapest flights are running 300 bucks though. Maybe the Foundation will be putting up minutes of the event for public access, in addition to anyone’s personal notes. I will contact them to ask if they have any plans in this regard. I really wish this had been publicized sooner.

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