D2 Goodness!

Your undaunted rugby blogger has dug up some yummy D-II Women’s info and scores … so all of the rest of you should send me some more. 😉

First and foremost, the D-II Women’s National Championships will be held Nov. 10-11 in Orlando, Florida, hosted by the Orlando Women. More info at the lovely Women’s DII Rugby site.

Here’s the seedings and schedule …

1. NOVA II (Mid-Atlantic)
2. Village Lions (Northeast)
3. Detroit (Midwest)
4. Scioto Valley (Midwest)
5. Albany (Northeast)
6. Harrisburg (Mid-Atlantic)
7. Orlando (USA Rugby South)
8. Naples / Coconut Grove (USA Rugby South)

Game 1 – Nova II versus Naples / Coconut Grove
Game 2 – Scioto Valley versus Albany
Game 3 – Village Lions versus Orlando
Game 4 – Detroit versus Harrisburg

Game 5 – Winners game 1 play Winners game 2
Game 6 – Losers game 1 play Losers game 2
Game 7 – Winners game 3 play Winners game 4
Game 8 – Losers game 3 play Losers game 4

Game 9 – Losers game 6 play losers game 8 for 7th/8th place
Game 10 – Winners game 6 play Winners game 8 for 5th/6th place
Game 11 – Losers game 5 play losers game 7 for 3rd/4th place
Game 12 – Winners game 5 play Winners game 7 for 1st/2nd place

Some Midwest scores from our Midwest D-II Championship:
Detroit RFC – 21 vs. Scioto Valley – 0

3rd Place:
Cleveland Iron Maidens – 43 vs. Minnesota Menagerie – 5

Detroit RFC – 26 vs. Minnesota Menagerie – 0
Scioto Valley – 30 vs. Cleveland Iron Maidens – 29

Got more D-II goodness? Leave it in the comments.

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5 responses to “D2 Goodness!

  1. OBG

    Blondie —

    Does the legitmacy of a national championship and the quality of play among these teams change your club’s opinion of playing division?

    What are the main factors for staying or leaving DI? Competetive density? Level of competition? Money?


  2. Just call me coach....

    I just noticed today that the DII Championship (unofficial) and the DI Championship (official) are at the same venue, fields, and hotel, hosted by the same club (Orlando) on overlapping days.

    D1 – Friday/Sunday
    D2 – Saturday/Sunday

    How FUN!!!!!!

  3. Emily

    I think that it is terrific the Orlando arranged to host both events. Perhaps it will provide the USA rugby folks a chance to see the value of the DII division.

    (and remember that they support 4 levels of men’s playoffs…I’m sure the DI to DIII comparision for the men has a similar, if not greater, drop in play compared to the women)

  4. Anonymous

    Anyone know of the times for the D2 matches? The site just gives the match order…

  5. Em

    I’m with Emily–this will be a GREAT event. I would love to go.

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