Still going …

This discussion continues to live and breathe in the comments – A Call for Action

And it’s almost as tasty as the Strawberry Nerds Halloween mini-box I’m munching on while I toil away on a project …



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2 responses to “Still going …

  1. B. Wood

    I believe that much of the discussion has been positive and productive. However, I do not feel that many individuals responding know the actual NCAA Bylaws and accompanying wording. The NCAA Bylaws that pertain to Women’s Rugby can be found in their manuals and downloaded (free). Please see the link below for the 2007-2008 Division I bylaws established by the NCAA. To expedite your search, Women’s Rugby is Bylaw 17.18 (Pgs. 264-266).


    I hope this will serve as a guide to a more informed discussion! As always, thanks Blondie for this discussion vehicle.

    Asst. Prof. Sport Mgt.

  2. Em

    Thank you, Brian.

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