More D-1 Sweet 16s Goodness …

I always like to hear how different people – both on a team or just watching from the sidelines – interpret games.

So, I figured it was worthwhile to share various recaps of Sweet 16 games …

• Wendy down in Austin recapped all of the games, some she saw as a touch judge, and some she didn’t.

• If you’ve got a subscription, Goff recapped Sunday’s Elite 8 games

It wasn’t Beantown’s fault that they got an easy draw, but they did, as they destroyed Kansas City yesterday and ran almost as easily through Atlanta today 45-0.

New York, for their part, have to be shaking their heads as they played local rivals Keystone today for the right to take on local rivals Beantown in Florida in two weeks. New York didn’t blow Keystone out like they did earlier in the season. The Philadelphia team started very strong and worked hard to ruin New York ball at the breakdown and keep their backs in check.

It worked for a while.

“We did a really good job of adjusting to that style of play and the whole team stepped up to the challenge,” said New York coach drew Fautley.

And then …

In the other bracket, Philadelphia came as close as anyone has to the Berkeley All Blues, The All Blues prevailed 31-10,

And in a battle of territorial #2s, the Twin Cities Amazons beat Oregon Sports Union 24-12.

Mindful of ORSU’s strong backline the Amazons kept the ball close and used their experienced and physical forwards – something Minnesota wasn’t able to do – to suck in the defense.

“We totally sucked in their backs,” said Amazons coach Roger Bruggemeyer. “It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. A lot of people think that’s all we want to play, but we love to move the ball wide if it makes sense. We can play open rugby.”

Twin Cities weathered a torrid first 15 minutes, and despite being harassed all day by ORSU flanker Becky Royce, before their pack began to exert their power.

From that solid platform, and as the forwards opened gaps, center Maria Rye scored two tries and scrumhalf Rebecca Radtke scored one more, sneaking in around a ruck after the forwards had steamrollered their way downfield.

“We have a back row move that uses me and I guess I become a forward too,” Rye told ERugbyNews. “So I was able to use our scrum to open up some space for me. the other one, they made a mistake and pretty much the ball fell into my hands and I was able to run in.”

The Amazons were missing several backs, including center Ashley Mulford, but were able to get to the national semis anyway.

And a few other bits I heard through the rugby grapevine …

• ORSU ramped up for Sweet 16s with a match against Berkeley (Same league, right?) and did well. Considered an up and coming team from the West Coast by many.

• The Amazons have always been known for their big and powerful pack. In the past, the backline didn’t always balance that out, but this year, the Zons are steaming ahead …

• Philly’s hard work has paid off in recruiting. Heard they had an A, B and C side cheering them on. Wow!

• Glendale had some injury issues, and subs in at flyhalf.

• Chicago North Shore and Eagle Pam Kosanke was back from injury and picking off passes to help her team shutdown their opposition.

Other thoughts on the games? I’d like to hear from all of you out there who actually played in the games …

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