D-1 Women’s Sweet 16s Results

We got a few surprising text messages here in Wisconsin this weekend from friends playing in Texas … but overall glad to hear the Midwest will be represented again in the Final Four with the Twin Cities Amazons looking for a national championship.

Scores via USA Rugby’s brackets

Round of 16 (Saturday, Oct. 27)
Pool A
New York (#1) def. Emerald City Mudhens (#16), 67-10
Keystone (#8) def. Washington Furies (#9), 14-0

Pool D
Beantown (#5) def. KC Jazz (#12), 64-5
Atlanta (#4) def. SD Surfers (#13), 20-5

Pool C
ORSU (#14) def. MN Valkyries (#3), 17-7
TC Amazons (#6) def. NOVA (#11), 20-17

Pool B
Philadelphia (#7) def. Chicago North Shore (#10), 29-16
Berkeley All Blues (#2) def. Glendale Olde Girls (#15), 58-0

Round of 8 (Sunday, Oct. 28)
New York (#2) def. Keystone (#8), 30-7
Beantown (#5) def. Atlanta Harlequins (#4), 45-0
TC Amazons (#6) def. ORSU (#14), 24-12
Berkeley All Blues (#2) def. Philadelphia (#7), 31-10

Consolation Round (Sunday, Oct. 28)
Washington Furies (#9) def. Emerald City Mudhens (#16), 41-7
SD Surfers (#13) def. KC Jazz (#12), 20-12
MN Valkyries (#3) def. NOVA (#11), 19-5
Chicago North Shore (#10) def. Glendale Olde Girls (#15), 49-12


FINAL FOUR (Nov. 9-11, Kissimmee, FL)
New York (#1) vs. Beantown (#5)
Berkeley All Blues (#2) vs. TC Amazons (#6)

Plate Semifinals
Keystone (#8) vs. Atlanta Harlequins (#4)
ORSU (#14) vs. Philadelphia (#7)

Some new faces in the Final Four compared to the past few years with Beantown and the Zons. That, in and of itself, is good to see because it means across the nation teams are getting stronger and there is more parity out there, which is good for all of rugby.

I’m looking for D-2 scores, so if you have some, please holla.

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One response to “D-1 Women’s Sweet 16s Results

  1. Katy

    I know that Detroit defeated Minneapolis and Cleveland lost to Scioto Valley, so from the Midwest Detroit and Scioto are going to Nationals. Don’t know the scores, though I wish I had been there to see those games!

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