First … a new rugby blogger! Kelly at I Don’t Have An Abusive Boyfriend, I Play Rugby has been added to the sidebar. She’s from Iowa!

In other exciting news … I finally purchased a new planner today. So I’ve been organizing my calendar this afternoon and a To-Do List. Three columns: 1. Work, 2. Rugby and 3. Personal. There are way too many things on there, but I guess that’s why I’m trying to work through all of them. Get things done, so less things are on the list (and out of my head!).

I also purchase a bright Daffodil yellow binder to use for my planner, list and folders of accompanying materials. I’m hoping the bright yellow inspires me to action. Plus, hey, it’s harder to lose a taxi-cab yellow item.

Tonight, I’m going to practice with our collegiate team. This will be my fifth practice with them, including a “chalk talk” on Monday instead of practice in the rain and cold. I’m starting to get to know a lot of them and a lot of them are starting to ask me questions on skills or situations that might happen in games. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the players and their coach better and really hope this is just the first step in our two teams building a solid relationship. I like seeing how excited and talented they are and I think they appreciate having another female player who’s been there. Three of my teammates joined me Saturday for a quasi-scrimmage and I think a lot of lightbulbs went off on how fast they need to be, how hard they should hit and just that they need to add some urgency/determination to face tougher opponents like they might see in playoffs this weekend.

It’s a little tough to impress sometimes just how important it is to want the ball and be aggressive, but a lot of them get it. Or are getting it more everyday.

Only downside … I totally suck wind in the sprints. Oy. But hey, when I keep up with them, I feel pretty good about keeping pace with 100-pound 18-year-old wingers. I sometimes can’t believe I used to be that same winger. 🙂

The college side plays Illinois State Saturday in Milwaukee for the first round of the D-II playoffs. If they win, they’ll play the winner of UW-Milwaukee vs. Winona State.

Okay … stuff to finish up and then practice. It’s going to be cold out there …

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  1. John

    I’ve written a testimonial/tribute article on probably one of rugby greatest player on my blog.

    Would certainly welcome you to post your cooments.

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