Notes on the Weekend …

My mind’s meanderings in remembering the weekend …

• Congrats to South Africa for winning the World Cup. It’s great to read about how this win is bringing the country closer together.

• Dumbledore is gay. I guess in my “heteronormative” world I didn’t read that in the books, but still cool. More cool for me personally, to hear that Ginny Weasley became a sports writer. I knew she was my favorite character for a reason.

• A new rugby blogger for the sidebar … RuggerJohnnyD. He plays for the Gotham Knights. Long-time readers will remember the Knights faced some bigotry on the pitch, but glad to see they are heading to the Met NY D-3 championships this weekend. Good luck!

• LOTS and LOTS of comments at this post from last week on rugby in the NCAA … holy rugby balls Supergirl!

I’ll dwell some more on this and write up an opinion post soon.

But I will say this right now, I firmly believe that if women’s rugby wants true legitimacy in the United States, every single one of us needs to support the drive to go varsity. Having varsity women’s rugby teams will not kill club teams. If nothing else, we’ll see more club women’s teams at every age level. I do not agree with the approach that some of the varsity teams have taken. I also think it’s rediculous to pretend that women’s rugby doesn’t exist simply because it’s “club”. I do believe that the NCAA should fully adhere to the IRB rules of rugby, not make up their own. I also wish all of us would stop bitching about it and start doing something about it if you’re able.

So you may ask, what’s Blondie doing about it? Ha ha suckers. I blog about it. And I support the collegiate women’s rugby teams here in Wisconsin however I can. If any of those teams want to go varsity, and I know some do, they already know I’m there for them.

So what are you doing? If you don’t like one team or one coach, find a team or coach you do like and help them. Don’t tear down. Build up.

• Congratulations to our men’s team – and my boyfriend especially! – here in Madison for finishing their league season undefeated Saturday with a win over the Milwaukee Harlequins. I heard for the first time in 22 years! Midwest’s first round of playoffs this weekend vs. the Chicago Blaze. Let’s go Wisconsin!

• And big thanks and good job to all the young and talented players who tried out for the Midwest U-19 Women’s team Sunday here in Madison. Again, holy rugby, lots of talent. And lots of players from all over – Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Iowa.

Our team and the UW-Madison Women hosted the camp, run by the new Midwest U-19 Women’s coach Kurt Weaver, who runs a great camp. Outside of the 300 shuttle, I wanted to try out! 😉 And I learned some great scrum binding that I will be trying to work on to our team this spring. Looking forward to see who makes team. And Kurt, great to meet you. And a shoutout to any readers in Ohio! I hear there are a lot of you.

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    This is crazy man! Good post. Watch Live Rugby Online

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