Sweet 16s

In case everyone thought I was in this big philosophical bent … here’s some rugby …

Via USA Rugby’s Women’s Club Championships page …

2007 Seedings
1 Northeast #1 New York
2 Pacific #1 Berkeley All Blues
3 Midwest #1 Minnesota Valkyries
4 South #1 Atlanta Harlequins
5 Northeast #2 Beantown
6 Midwest #2 Twin City Amazons
7 Mid-Atlantic #1 Philadelphia
8 Northeast #3 Keystone
9 Mid-Atlantic #2 Washington Furies
10 Midwest #3 Chicago North Shore
11 Mid-Atlantic #3 NOVA
12 West #1 Kansas City Jazz
13 Southern Cal #1
(Belmont over Austin) San Diego Surfers
14 Pacific #2
(ORSU over Scottsdale) ORSU
15 West #2
(Jazz (W3) over Boston) Glendale
16 Pacific #3
(Mudhens over Wisconsin) Emerald City Mudhens

And the schedule for next weekend …

Saturday, October 27
Game 1: 9:30 am: Beantown v Kansas City Jazz
Game 2: 10:00 am: San Diego Surfers v Atlanta Harlequins
Game 3: 11:00 am: NOVA v Twin City Amazons
Game 4: 11:30 am: Minnesota Valkyries v ORSU Jesters
Game 5: 12:30 pm: Philly v Chicago North Shore
Game 6: 1:00 pm: Glendale v Berkeley All Blues
Game 7: 2:00 pm: Washington Furies v Keystone
Game 8: 2:30 pm: New York v Emerald City Mudhens

Sunday, October 28
8:30 am: Loser Game 1 v Loser Game 2
9:00 am: Winner Game 1 v Winner Game 2
10:00 am: Loser Game 3 v Loser Game 4
10:30 am: Winner Game 3 v Winner Game 4
11:30 am: Loser Game 5 v Loser Game 6
12:00 pm: Winner Game 5 v Winner Game 6
1:00 pm: Loser Game 7 v Loser Game 8
1:30 pm: Winner Game 7 v Winner Game 8

Good luck to the Minnesota Valkyries, Twin Cities Amazons and Chicago North Shore in your games. Go Midwest!

That said, I know I have readers from just about every team on this list, so to everyone … GOOD LUCK and KICK SOME ASS!

I really don’t have any favorites. But I’ll tell you what, I bet the Amazons are going pretty far this year. I’ve still got a bruise fading from that game. And I hope the MN Valks can return to finals again.

If you have any news to share or last-minute fundraisers to announce related to your upcoming games, let me know …

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3 responses to “Sweet 16s

  1. Jennie

    Hey, Does anyone know what’s going on in women’s club DII? They have a (semi) national championship at well. I’m pretty sure semi finals are this week-end.
    I moved from the East Coast so I’m out of the loop with all that now, and their website doesn’t seem to be updated yet.

  2. Your Scrumhalf Connection

    I am on the South Rugby listserv and this is the latest info I have gotten:

    2007 D2 Championships Nov 10-11, 2007

    Congratulations to Orlando! We’re sure you will be a gracious host and
    formidable competitor.

    Thank you to all the groups who bid. It was a hotly contested
    challenge. The time and energy devoted to the bids was recognized and

    Danita Knox
    USARS Women’s Director

    Nancy Campbell
    USARS Women’s DII Coordinator

  3. Anonymous

    The NRU DII Championships are this weekend in NJ…

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