Ansel Adams often used the saying “the perfect is the enemy of the good”. Meaning, if he waited around for everything in the scenes he wanted to photograp to “right” or perfect, he might never have taken a photograph.

And his photographs are some of the most amazing you’ll ever see. In my humble opinion anyway. Learning that he told himself this really speaks to me.

We often feel that when there is a lot going on, projects we don’t want to do (and we’re not sure why), multiple things we feel like we must accomplish, we often do nothing at all. A state of paralysis. A lot of us label this procrastination, too. I know I do.

As if somehow that if what we need to do, isn’t done perfectly, it will mean we have somehow failed. High standards and all of that bullshit.

It is very difficult, when one is in this state of frozen inactivity, to figure out how to get started. Because you know that if you could just get started, you could get stuff done, and off your mind, and then you would feel oh so much better. At least that is the idea. I would add that sometimes the act of actually doing is often better than the ending accomplishment.

I always enjoy actually digging in the dirt and working in the garden, sometimes more than I enjoy being able to pick out newly grown vegetables for dinner that night.

Some of my favorite moments in games are not the scores, so much as the moments of good rucking and playing as a team with my friends.

Don’t ask where this is coming from … I’m not sure.

I also have overslept all week because I think the ensuing winter darkness is already messing with my head and my sleep schedule. When it’s dark out, you just don’t want to climb out of bed. So I was running late today and didn’t pack a lunch … I had to buy a sandwich because I was starving by 9:30. And I’m hungry again right now … but am holding off on another lunch run since I can leave work soon and just go home.

Just sitting here, putting off work I know I need to do, and doing nothing … paralysis.


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