I am proud to be a girl

So in the comments yesterday, that wacko Betty commentor called me girly. Among some other crap she spewed …

And initially, I was full of many swear words. And then I laughed out loud when someone mentioned her name meant sweaty testicles … I can just imagine the google searches coming to my blog right now.

And then I thought … you know what, I am girly. I am a girl. And I like it. I like it a lot.

And what the hell is wrong with being a girl? Or being girly?

It’s like that stupid phrase guys always use to each other, that you throw like a girl. Or you hit like a girl. Or you’re crying like a girl.

How about you just hit like a weasly little man? That’s probably more accurate.

Don’t get me started on the use of pussy to describe weakness either. And there go some more google searches, by the way. I started telling my male friends not to insult my vagina by referring to their teammates as pussies. Naturally, they were confused. Some of them have been at the bottom of one too many rucks. My boyfriend just laughed because I said vagina. He’s a goofball.

So, back to me being proud to be a girl. And girly.

I am. Most definitely. And I don’t think my natural girlness somehow means I’m less deserving of being a rugby player. Or being on the field. Or somehow that this means I’m less tough.

I have nothing to prove. I’m pretty happy with myself. And I know that I can be girly and tough. And that there isn’t a difference.

And in honor of my butch friends out there, who eschew being “girly”, there’s nothing wrong with that either. If you don’t like to wear mascara or have long hair, and I do, no worries. I think you are awesome.

I mean, if we’re already dealing with the bullshit that comes out of guys, why the hell are we then doing it to ourselves too? Women shouldn’t tear down other women.

So I am proud to be a girl. And you should be too. If that makes us girly, then so be it.

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4 responses to “I am proud to be a girl

  1. Rugby:Rewind

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  2. Em

    A book you might enjoy is Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, by Julia Serano.

  3. mutantin

    that “sweaty testicle” person probably isn’t female anyway. keep on bloggin!

  4. Kelly

    Love the blog, only recently discovered it…though I’m pretty sure I’ve faced you on the pitch before 🙂

    I agree…The girly vs. butch debate is such a divisive issue. We don’t need any more adversity than we already face.

    Suck it up…and if your teammate asks you to hold the mirror for her while she applies eyeliner, don’t roll your eyes 😉 Likewise, if she needs help rebuilding the engine on her bike…lend a hand.

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