Let’s Pause to Breathe …

It’s the start of the third week of October.

My rugby team is done for the season. It didn’t end how I thought it might. As a team, we have a lot of work to do. I’ve offered up the idea to reassess and restructure the whole team. We’ve even discussed where our team should naturally fit within the Midwest competitive standings (Division I vs. Division II). It will be a very long and tough process.

We decided not to make any decisions. But we’re going to use the next few months to rebuild the team from the bottom up. Completely.

I’m also in the middle of a large effort to reconnect with our alumni and fundraise for a land complex we’d like to have here. Multiple fields, a clubhouse, a facility to rival the best in the nation. That’s also a lot of work and some stress.

I’ve attended a practice with our local college team last Monday and am going again tonight. I was still sick, so running sprints was a major challenge for me. But I enjoyed meeting and practicing with the college players. Lots of talent and I think it helps to have players with experience at a higher-intensity level. My level of tackling and running is something they are not used to. I had fun and I believe the college players didn’t mind me running around with them. They need to get lower on me for tackles though. My stiff arm (My only good move!) was working far too well in our scrimmage at the end of practice. πŸ™‚ But they smoke me in the sprints.

I was sore too last week. That tells me two things. 1. We need to run more at our practices. 2. I’m out of shape and need to run on my own. Something I always say I will do, but never do. Blah! I think I’d like to a run a 5K race this spring. That kind of scares me a lot. (Shut up, if you like running and a 5K is nothing. I will tackle you and make you cry. I really will.)

I have a insane amount of work to do for my real-life job too. And a bunch of stuff I need to do for myself, like paying bills, laundry, getting an oil change for my truck. I’m frankly glad competitive rugby is done for a while now. I have options about if I want to play. Not so much organizationally, but you get it.

Needless to say this blog has been labeled under “chore” the past few days. And to be honest, it’s kind of a pain in the ass sometimes. Sorry. Just being honest. I like my blog. I really do. It’s why I keep it alive and don’t follow up on my quasi-dreams of hitting delete.

I also don’t like some of the competitive elements out there. And no, I’m not going to explain that. It was pretty cool being linked to from the BBC though.

I haven’t had time to watch any RWC games though. Big T and I’ve been so busy (his team’s still going and undefeated!), when we have free time it’s spent on more stuff we need to do or with our friends and family. Yesterday, we made lunch for his family visiting, then took an hour to just take my family’s three dogs for a walk. Almost as if we both just need to clear our heads and not worry about anything but the joy of walk on a cold fall day with some very happy dogs.

We’ve been paying attention to the scores though. I freely admit that I never expected England to make it the finals. That’s pretty crazy. And I just want to point out that even though I was wrong about Ireland making it further, I did say I thought New Zealand would choke! Sorry Kiwi friends! But I told you so …

As the RWC progressed, I was hoping France would make the final. T and I were watching some massive tackles on YouTube from Chabal. Oh. My. God. He is a monster.

My dad watched a replay on cable yesterday of France and Argentina. This of course in between NFL games. It cracks me up because my dad can’t believe how big some of the rugby players are. “Those are huge. Holy Shit!”.

I’ll try to blog more here this week again …

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4 responses to “Let’s Pause to Breathe …

  1. em

    Yeah, this is my break week. I deserve it.

  2. Blondie

    Yeah, Em, I know the feeling. πŸ™‚

  3. Steve-O


    I’m glad the BBC linked to you, otherwise I would never have found you. Your blog title was interesting enough for me to click on. The blogs on the BBC rugby page are the only blogs I’ve ever read, and I keep coming back to yours. It’s very good. Keep it up, I missed it while you were offline.

    I haven’t played in a while; age, injuries, work, and life keep me busy. But after this year’s World Cup, and a trip to Scotland with the Scotland vs. New Zealand game included, I’ve got the fever. Need to find an old boys team.

  4. Blondie

    Steve-O …

    Thanks for the message. Much appreciated. πŸ™‚

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