"Rugby is the solution, people!

A lot of the Ruggers with blogs aren’t blogging. I don’t know where they are (Hellooooo?). But you know who is blogging? Katy. And she’s awesome. One of my favorite Ruggers who Blog!

A few other tidbits I found today worth sharing …

• Have you ever wondered if you could tackle a big, hairy sumo wrestler?

• Jason – who’s old blog somehow died – is back with TryGol. So therefore, he’s back on the sidebar because he’s a nice guy and gives me link love already. And love is what makes the world go round peoplethat and because it’s just a big swirling mass with no forces acting to stop it.

• Also adding Dave’s Football Blog to the sidebar.

This guy’s kind of a downer. But raises some thought-provoking points. Just don’t let him talk to me at the next social. I like to pretend that all of America will love rugby very soon.

• And via an e-mail one of the college players here in Madison sent out to motivate her team for their big game tomorrow, a great YouTube video of game highlights of women’s rugby. I believe of England, but we can pretend it’s any team we like. Like mine.

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8 responses to “"Rugby is the solution, people!

  1. Anonymous

    Actually, there are forces acting on the Earth. The link is a dumbed-down answer suitable for kids. The force of the moon gives us tides (which most people know). The force of the sun keeps us in an elliptical orbit. Gravity, as a property of relativity (not a force), is actually rotating the entire universe 42″ per century.

    Physics love,

  2. Blondie

    This is exactly why I post stuff like this. So my friends can come on here and teach us all to be smarter.

    I hope one day to be a force upon the Earth. Right after I win the lottery. And buy J another physics textbook.

  3. Katy

    Thanks for the shout-out, Blondie. Yours is my favorite blog ever. I check it more than twice daily. I love how many lady ruggers are connected on here! It’s like Alice’s chart on The L Word…only with scrums.

  4. Em

    Thanks for vid, Blondie. I needed the pick-me-up.

  5. Jason Gatties

    Yeah I had decided to “tweak” the old blog a bit but then it took a long time for me to finish the design. Basically people got pissed when I would mention soccer stuff in my “rugby blog” so I said screw it, I’m going to just do a combo blog, avoiding the “false advertising” as someone put it in an email.

    Thanks again for the link.

  6. Jengatumadre

    great video.

    Even better when I muted the androgynous music. Sounds like some Tesla cover band

  7. KLK

    I’m taking 20 units, tackling a TA job, working, and working on rugby…but I’ll try and get the blog back into shape…I guess I just got tired of trying to update it at 4am when I got off of work.

    That and money sucks out your soul.

    But today is our first practice and we have a new site: http://www.ucscrugby.com/womens/
    Our coach put it up…yes the web design is awful but hey…updated and accurate dates are always a plus

    and our 8-man made 2nd tier All American
    -Kerrie (a la the fighting banana slugs)

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