"Mind Like Water"

I was reading a book recently and the author described how in karate you try to achieve a state of “mind like water” and how this is a good approach to all aspects of your life, especially for being more productive and less stressed.

Basically, that much like a calm body of water at rest, you are relaxed and ready for what may happen. Then when something does happen, like a rock being thrown into the water, the affects of the action ripple out, you deal with it and then you return to your calm phase.

More concisely, if you’re relaxed and can deal with things as they happen, not tensed waiting for every new action or burning energy wastefully, you will be better equipped to deal with each new action in the most effective manner.

And I realized that not only does this apply to dealing with work and your life, stress, etc., but it also affects how you play rugby.

If you are playing and your stressed out, tensed up, burning unnecessary energy, your playing will be negatively affected. For instance, your tackling wouldn’t be as strong.

But if you are relaxed, then when you need to commit your tackle, you can fully focus on the tackle, all of your energy goes into it, and afterwards you can return to your relaxed state of moving onto the next phase of play.

“Mind like water” … catchy, huh?

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  1. Anonymous

    In Kung Fu there is a style of fighting called the Drunken Monkey. It is being so loose and fluid in movement that it looks like the person is intoxicated. Kinda like the reason that drunks don’t get hurt.

    Ironically, the Drunken Monkey is one of the most effective forms of fighting.

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