I’m a twenty-something for the last day …

I turn 30 years old tomorrow. Today is my last day ever being a twenty-something. Kind of crazy. And yet, whatever … being 30 will be awesome. 🙂

Since my birthday is on a Tuesday, I celebrated a bit this weekend instead. Saturday, I went to our Farmer’s Market with my parents and sister, then watched my boyfriend’s rugby game and socialized with teammates on the sidelines since we had a bye.

I made a quick jaunt over to watch the UW-Madison women’s game, which was a blowout for the UW and I made friends with a photographer, plus maybe a recruit for the spring.

Returned to the men’s social, which was winding down and the bugs were picking up, so we retired to a bar to watch the Wisconsin-Iowa football game and I got too sleepy to want to socialize further. I also heard France spanked Ireland. Boo.

Sunday, Big T and I walked around our city’s botanical gardens (Beautiful and Free!) and then he had to sneak off for some surprise he wouldn’t tell me about. Well, actually he said he was buying me a pony for my birthday. We had a grillout with my parents and sister that afternoon. His surprise was a very yummy cute cake made by a friend of ours with a picture of my cat on it. The photo is a hilarious one of my cat right after my sister and I gave him a bath, so he looks crazy and is mad. The caption on the cake said “And you thought 30 was scary”. I’ll post a picture when I get them.

Yummy cake too.

Tonight, we’re just going out for dinner since we both have practice tomorrow night. I’ll be bringing my leftover cake to practice to share.

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3 responses to “I’m a twenty-something for the last day …

  1. Total Flanker

    Happy Birthday!

    Being 30 isn’t bad at all. Neither, for that matter, is being 40. However, on Friday I’ll be 43 – now that’s serious!!


  2. With Malice

    Happy Birthday Blondie!

    Bad luck about the Irish & Yanks… 😉

    Just say these two easy words from here on in:
    Go Wallabies!

  3. Anonymous

    Happy happy wonderful birthday…. I miss you and wished we could have celebrated our b-days together…soon, just be patient.


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