Can Ireland Beat France?

Upcoming RWC games in the next few days …

9/19 – Italy vs. Portugal
9/20 – Wales vs. Japan
9/21 – France vs. Ireland
9/22 – Argentina vs. Namibia
9/22 – South Africa vs. Tonga
9/22 – England vs. Samoa
9/23 – Scotland vs. New Zealand
9/23 – Australia vs. Fiji

Before Saturday, the game to watch is France vs. Ireland. Will the Irish be able to bounce back from their less than stellar games so far? I hope so.

Saturday and Sunday are busy too. Will we see a Tier 2 team knock off a Tier 1 team? Is the Southern Hemisphere going to continue to pummel the Northern Hemisphere?


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3 responses to “Can Ireland Beat France?

  1. bod

    I think Ireland will be dangerous for the French on Friday,if not,they’ll have to beat Argentina with at least 4 trys!!!

  2. boomshanka

    one of the matches of the round fer sure. another being England/Samoa… both teams with something to prove

  3. online sports betting

    The opening round of Six Nations fixtures certainly didn’t disappoint. We had a tense thriller (Ireland 16 – 11 Italy), a shocking upset (England 19 – 26 Wales) – which must have cost the bookies in Wales a few quid, seen as though the Welsh were massive underdogs and not to mention the Taffies like a bit of Rugby Betting UK. Then there were the brave Scots; who went down 27-6 to France. So many parts of Scotland’s game were working well and all three of the French tries came from schoolboy errors by the Scots… I hope their confidence is still in tact because they actually played really well.

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