A tale of last night …

After practice last night, four of us went to the bar down the street from our field for beer and deep-fried munchies.

Actually, we went for tacos, but as it turns out, tacos are seasonal. After our inital shock (when exactly is Taco Season?), we realized that perhaps much like the Canadian Goose, our coveted tacos might be migrating to warmer weather down south. So we opted for cheese curds (A Wisconsin Yumminess), fries, sandwiches and beer.

And then we talked about slutty men. And somehow the phrase “ranch in your pants” turned into a phrase meaning “wow, you’re a slut”. As in, “Wow, that guy really gets around. He’s totally got ranch in his pants.”

I had ranch dressing with my cheese curds. I have no idea how that turned into a hilariously funny way to describe a male slut. But I laughed hard enough, I nearly shot soda out of my nose.

I also found out my boyfriend won the “Best Butt” contest Saturday night. He beat my teammate Natalie. Our other teammate Tricia was the final objective judge, since she’s new to the team. I have no idea what I was doing when this contest was happening. That was after our marathon of flip cup. But I gave my boyfriend a high five last night after I found out. Way to represent honey!


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One response to “A tale of last night …

  1. boomshanka

    its good to see rugby girls talk as much bollocks as us rugby guys!

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