Weekend Recap

A few RWC scores first … and remember you can see the whole schedule here.

Pool A
South Africa def. England, 36-0
Tonga def. Samoa, 19-15

Pool B
Australia def. Wales, 32-20
Fiji def. Canada, 29-16

Pool C
New Zealand def. Portugal, 108-13 (ouch)

Pool D
Ireland def. Georgia, 14-10
France def. Namibia, 87-10

And here in Madison, the Wisconsin Women lost a close one to visiting Chicago North Shore Saturday, 20-12. One try, one kick.

And a lesson learned, always go for points. Something our team decided not to do in just the 2nd minute of the game when we have a penalty centerfield 20 meters out. We opted to try to run it in (it was only the 2nd minute after all), but the ball was lost a play later. So, again, always take points. With a halftime score down just 8-5, that would’ve been a tied game.

Overall though, a good game. Really, a bruising game. Our two teams both went after ball hard and battled for possession and meters. Long term in the game, our small roster hurt us because we didn’t have as many subs as North Shore. We also had a few injuries that popped up, going through two hookers.

I locked, it was good overall. Thought I played okay. Need to work on fitness (as always) and I was thrown off at times by our referee. He was a stickler. He called a good game, equal to both sides, but just did not give an inch on his calls and called them hard. So I got blown up for an offside call early on, which made me hesitate in fringing breakdowns later and less likely to chase as hard if I saw ball out. I would wait that extra second to make sure I was clean. Oh well. But there we so many scrumdowns, I supposed one more wouldn’t have mattered.

But good news!

Our team has our bye week this week. So we get to rest. And at practice, we’ll be doing less contact and having some extra fun with games our coach makes up to work on skills, including Quidditch! Which is my new favorite rugby practice game. Last time I got to be a Beater, which means I had a rugby ball wrapped up in a jersey and I got to whip it as people. If you got hit, you ran a lap. Very fun. I wasn’t so good being the snitch later. The seeker caught me right away. Our coach Bill does a good job of coming up with fun games where we are running hard, working on aspects of rugby, but enjoy ourselves as well.

Also, yesterday, I organized a recruiting booth at a local street festival for our men’s and women’s teams. Worked out really well. I’m hoping to see a lot of new faces at practice this week and keep our roster numbers climbing. Two games left in the season, so good stuff all around.

And this weekend, since we don’t have a game, I actually get to see Big T play and just be a fan. A week from tomorrow is my 30th birthday as well, so possibly some birthday fun this weekend too.

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