Clueless about the Rugby World Cup?

One of my new favorite rugby blogs, fittingly named The Rugby Blog, offers up great recaps and engaging (read here “my favorite type of sarcasm”) postings and this little jewel for all of you who can’t tell an English Rose from a South African Springbok (Hint: One could eat the other … and did Friday!).

A Bluffer’s Guide to Surviving the Rugby World Cup

And from The Rugby Blog’s recap of South Africa shutting out England

One found oneself wondering what exactly England have been doing over the summer. It could be that they are all now very good at water skiing and poker but the rugby really does not seem to have progressed very much.

I must confess that I caught only bits and pieces of the match on replay here Saturday night after my own team’s game. You see, I found myself in particularly long, dare I say marathon-esque, match of Flip Cup for the preceding two hours. And then the karaoke started …

Added: My bad, bad, bad. The Rugby Blog had a link to me (albeit generically labeled “U.S. Rugby Blog”) and I’ve only just now discovered these fabulous guys. Links on the sidebar. Check it out!

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