Time to buy new cleats

I got to our field yesterday, and in between swatting mosquitos and catching up with my teammates, I started to put my socks and cleats on.

And then I realized that one of my shoes was completely falling apart.

The leather was pulled apart from the base, so that I could stick my fingers completely through it. So I had to put it on anyway, since I don’t have a backup pair currently, and make it through practice. Which actually wasn’t too bad. The mosquitos were worse than my shoes. But I know they won’t survive my game Saturday like that.

So today I have to go pick up a new pair. And I realized that this may be the first time I’ve ever completly worn out a pair from rugby. Typically, my blades get too worn down first to grip well, not the leather. But the blades could use some more cut too, so new shoes it is.

Busy day today though too. We’ve got to meet to line our field and set up for our game tonight. Saturday’s game day (vs. Chicago North Shore, 1 p.m.), which is always busy between playing and our social, then on Sunday we’ll be recruiting at the Williamson Street Fair here in Madison. Hopefully picking up some new players and spreading the word how cool our team is here in Madison.

Have a good weekend everyone and play hard.

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4 responses to “Time to buy new cleats

  1. Katy

    i just needed new cleats, too! my current pair was eroding. i have actually only ever had 3 pairs of cleats, so it was weird for me to have to go out and get a new pair. i usually wear screw-ins, so i just replaced those when they went sour. but when Emily turned me on to molded blades, i never wanted to go back.

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck, I hope you guys do well!!!


  3. Blondie

    I have always worn molded soccer cleats, they’re lighter and less expensive. I bought a pair of screw-ins at a tournament a few years ago, but they were so heavy, I didn’t like to wear them even at practice. So I stay with the molded run-of-the-mill adidas soccer cleats.

    And today I scored a 10% discount to boot. Yeah!

  4. Em

    Funny, I just ordered new ones two days ago! I don’t like the molded ones though. I have a pair of football ones, but the traction they give me doesn’t even approach that of my studs. I only wear them when the ground is hard and my studs are giving me pressure point blisters.

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