Bits & Bites … While I eat my apple

Things you learn when dating someone and grocery shopping – My boyfriend and I have completely different taste preferences in apples.

I’m a McIntosh and Granny Smith gal. A little sour and crunchy. He’s a Gala guy. And those other red ones I don’t like.

Thank god we weren’t at the swimsuit store and I reached for board shorts and he went right for speedos. Phew!


• From the comments at yesterday’s post How Old is Too Old to Play Rugby?, this article about 76-year-old catholic nun Sister Madonna who has “competed in 37 marathons, 300 triathlons and 31 Ironman Triathlons, all after the age of 50”. She started running when she was 48.

• Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post is blogging the World Cup in his D.C. Sports Bog. And now I know Sébastien Chabal is called the caveman. Fitting, me thinks. Read through the comments in this post. There’s a hilarious e-mail from the father of an Eagle flanker who’s distracted by the Argentinian cheerleaders (but remember, Cheerleaders are NOT women’s rugby players for any of you yahoos that believe otherwise).

• Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, and also Chairman of our USA Rugby Board, blogs on rugby at his KR Connect blog. He’s discussing the vision of the board here. Worth reading.

• Jessa in New York sent me this a while ago, but in case you missed it, ESPN has bought

LONDON (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co.’s sports network ESPN said on Tuesday it had bought, a leading rugby news Web site, as part of its bid to move beyond American sports and attract fans around the world.

ESPN recently acquired, the world’s largest specialist cricket Web site, and has launched French, German, Spanish and Italian versions of

It is already the exclusive broadcaster of the Heineken Cup to the end of the 2010 season in certain regions including Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

It also has the rights to show previous World Cup Rugby matches on ESPN Classic.

“We now offer sports fans world class online coverage of the top three sports in many of our markets,” Lynne Frank, Managing Director of ESPN, Europe, Middle East and Africa, said in a statement.

“We are particularly delighted that joins ESPN prior to this year’s Rugby World Cup,” she said, referring to the tournament which starts on September 7. was launched in 1997 and attracts around 500,000 readers each month at the height of the rugby season.

Here’s hoping we start seeing more rugby in the American mainstream media.

• Our friend Renee in the UK will be traveling through France for part of the RWC. She and a friend are renting an RV and were recently featured in the Oxford Daily Mail. Click on the image for a larger version.

• Via one of my closest rugby pals, Kim, out in Colorado, the good news that Glendale Rugby has opened its new stadium! By the way, Kim’s got the nice pop pass while getting tackled to her teammate breaking away for the try at the end of the video. And as always Kim, we miss you. And so do the nachos I now have to eat by myself.

• Meredith from the Philly Women has an update for everyone on Pumpkinfest Photos:

Hi Blondie,

I just wanted to let your readers know that pictures from Pumpkinfest are available for viewing and purchase at

Just click on Rugby and then find the game you want. These are unedited at this point, but there are some good shots. I really hope that people will buy some
to encourage photographers and other vendors to take an interest in covering our games.

Also, FYI, Philadelphia lost to Beantown in the final. Goff has 22-3, though originally I heard 19-3 (you’d think I’d know from being in the game, but no.)

Thanks, Meredith

Thanks Meredith. And I have that same problem with trying to scorekeep and play. Just doesn’t work well … math and rugby at the same time. 🙂

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