Thoughts on the RWC so far …

I watched all of the South Africa vs. Samoa game, saw part of the replay of Argentina beating France in Friday’s opener and heard recaps of the USA holding its own against England.

I’m hoping to catch some more this week, but since I don’t have cable to catch them on Versus, it means more trips to our team bar (which means beer!), so I’ll have to see where I fit this all in what looks to be a busy week.

Thoughts on the games I have seen or heard about though … I haven’t read any recaps or media on this, so just my impressions and thoughts shared from my teammates and coaches here in Madison as fans.

South Africa dominated Samoa in the game Sunday morning. Although, we thought we saw a few calls that should’ve gone Samoa’s way instead, forward passes that you’re not quite sure about with television angles and what not.

South Africa used their space well and passed better, all the wide out to their wing or their fullback inserting, Percy Montgomery – who looks exactly like my Ken doll from when I was seven years old, hence his name Ken Doll for the rest of the match. Where Samoa seemed to rely on their bruising No. 8 dragging three guys with him. Samoa just tried to bash it through too much with a whole team of huge Samoa guys. There was also discussion of what exactly a Springbok sounds like at our breakfast table (a snorty grunt?) and where the tatau is on the average Samoan male (hips & thighs, very painful). Also, some surprise from Big T that The Rock is part Samoan.

Yesterday before canoeing, Big T and I caught the Packers beating the Eagles (yeah!) and then went to my parents to get the canoe. As it turns out, my father was flipping back and forth between mocking the Bears (Big T’s preferred team) and a replay of Argentina beating France on Versus. Dad questioned Big T and I on the lineouts and the “really big guys” out on that field. I was amused by the very spandex-like French uniforms, while Big T pointed out the “monster” French forward the camera kept showing close-ups of on the sidelines, Sébastien Chabal. “That guy is a monster … holy shit.”

By the way, a search for Sébastien Chabal game me this amusing article, French Rugby Hunks Score with Women.

And I haven’t seen the replay yet, but by all accounts, the USA played well against England. The 28-10 final score was – I’ll admit – a pleasant surprise, when my coach called me Saturday to catch up on our game while he was at work. Also, supposedly Paul Emerick had a breakaway try and was tripped by an English player? I’ll have to check all the reports now.

And I didn’t see the game, but Ireland beat Namibia 32-17. Remember, I’m cheering for the Irish too.

Other thoughts on the games so far?

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