2 months until the offseason …

Yes, I am already thinking of the offseason. Way too much going on here with trying to get our team ready for first game Saturday, other games this season, rugby administration meetings with other area teams, work and life.

And I’m never home. Which means I’m in trouble, because when I’m not home, my cat causes trouble and doesn’t let my sister sleep at all. Not good. Not good at all.

More fun, our city is having one of the worst mosquito years EVER! We spent more time applying bug spray, swatting ourselves and each other, than we do in our drills. Okay, not quite, but about equal. And the mosquitos are killing me. My whole body is covered in bites. My socks after practice were covered in blood spots where I didn’t catch the bastards in time. It’s horrible.

We get to practice and can’t even sit down to put on our cleats without first needing to put on bugspray. And we likely have a few more weeks of this until we get a freeze around here … which makes me sad, because then it’s winter.

Oy … what to do? Just keep swimming.

Game in Chicago Saturday, 11 a.m. kickoff, Diversey Harbor field against the Chicago Women. Who I’ve heard have a new coach (an alum) and some improved ranks. It should be a battle as always. One I hope we win.

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One response to “2 months until the offseason …

  1. UM Rugger

    Not gonna lie…I’ve started to think about the Off-Season already too! You’re not alone on that one..

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