Who are you cheering for?

I’m going on record right now for my picks for this months 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Yes, I’m cheering for our USA Eagles. That’s a gimme. I hope they play their hearts out and surprise everybody with their success on the field.

But I think we all realize that our Eagles won’t be in the finals. So, after some consideration, I’m cheering for Ireland.

Brian O’Driscoll’s going to rip up the opposition’s backlines and I think most of us would agree that Coach Eddie O’Sullivan’s one of the finest the game has to offer. Ireland’s going to be dogged in their playing this year and I sense some choking in the perennial favorites of England and New Zealand when it comes down to crunch time.

Plus, hey, you gotta stick with family. Ireland’s in the blood. And I love underdogs.

In honor of Ireland, here’s one of my favorite new songs – Spoon’s “The Underdog”.

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5 responses to “Who are you cheering for?

  1. James Lillis

    Cool blog.

    Ireland? They will be lucky to get out of their pool (the pool of death). They need to get past France and Argentina…

    NZ choke? They may get beaten, but not by choking, by a strong team. SA & Aus are teams packed with champions.

    The South African backs are super quuick, and Aus has (perhaps) the best lineout in the world…

    Anyway… I think a lot of people have a soft spot for the Irish.

  2. Arni

    I can’t see NZ chocking this time. IF they lose it won’t be in the finals but the semi’s to Aus. The winner of the NZ-Aus semi should win the cup

  3. Jason Gatties

    Except for when they play the Eagles, I’m going to support the Springboks. My wife is South African and my in-laws live in South Africa, so I’ve become very familiar with their squad.

  4. Jason Gatties

    I will add this…don’t sleep on Argentina. I think they will knock off France tomorrow and may surprise some people as the tournament goes on.

  5. Mark

    I’ll be rooting for Wales (my homeland) and USA (my adopted homeland).

    Though I hate to admit it, I can’t see the USA getting into the knockout stage and I doubt the Welsh will be getting much further than the first knockout stage, either.

    It’ll likely be a Tri-Nations final.

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