First Game of Fall

Hard to believe it’s September and already the week of our first league game.

I think our team is ready though. We play the Chicago Women Saturday in Chicago. I’ve been really impressed by all of our new players, just some great play in practice. It’s always nice when a rookie can drop someone in a tackle, isn’t it?

And we have a good core group of veterans returning.

World Cup also starts up end of this week. We’re working on getting our team bar to show the games hopefully.

You’ll likely be noticing some changes around here as I can clean house, re-organize and what not. I’ll be going back over the news from the past few weeks as well, recap what I’ve missed in my blogging lull.

And can you believe it? Three weeks until my 30th birthday. I’m ready. But it’s funny when you still feel like you’re 22.

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