Sheboygan & Could I Be More Busy?

Tuesday was work, work, work. And a team meeting, instead of practice because of all of the rain. Our field needed to dry out.

I spent all of yesterday driving from Madison to lovely Sheboygan, Wisconsin for a work event.

Sheboygan is home to many things, including a love for bratwurst and polka music.

I also spent some time stuck in construction traffic on the way there and some time battling suburbans “highways” with way too many traffic lights.

I did however stop at the local Adidas outlet store on the way home and picked up some new nifty running shoes (pink accents!), new crew socks and a new pair of all black adidas casual shoes that remind me of dance shoes. Being all black, I can wear them at work. And feel like I should be busting a move. I saved $20 in a sale on the running shoes … nice. Now if only I could convince myself to run …

Got back to Madison, decided I really needed to hang out with my boyfriend, but alas, he’s on big deadlines for work, so he’s had to work late all week. I decided to bring him chinese food anyway. I think he liked it.

Tonight, we’re finally back on our rugby field. Hopefully, no jerk decided to drive through it and whip donuts in the mud (this happened last spring!) and that our field is drying out. First league game in T-minus-8 days.

Oy vey.


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