Back …

No, I didn’t die in a freak waterslide accident. Or drown in the floodwaters here in good ol’ soggy Wisconsin. Or at rugby practice.

I have been really busy with so much going on, and everytime I thought about blogging, I just didn’t have the energy to add one more thing to the to-do list. Burnout if you will. I barely looked at the internet beyond e-mail and news.

Noah’s Ark with my sister and Big T was a great day of fun. It was rainy, but we had a blast. Absolutely one of the best days I’ve had all summer, besides my trip with my parents. And some of those slides are more like rollercoasters than waterslides, so I screamed almost as much as I laughed.

Rugby practice started last week and our numbers are up, thankfully. With some great new talent.

We had a friendly match/scrimmage on Saturday against the Milwaukee Scylla, which was just perfect for a lot of our vets to try some new positions and our rookies to play their first match or shake off the rust from not playing since college. And I even had two long breakaway runs, including a nice little try while I was playing scrumhalf off of a break from Kelly off of a lineout. Always fun. I’m still picking mud out from under my nails though, that field was just a mess from all of this rain.

Big T and I left Milwaukee late Saturday to drive down to his hometown Rockford for his Dad’s surprise birthday party. And that was really fun. It’s not very often when you spend time with other people’s family that you are as comfortable with them as you are your own. So when you do, it’s always a pleasant surprise.

Sunday morning, got up early because I was catching a ride down to Chicago to help coach our Wisconsin Under-19 Women’s Selects playing Minnesota outside of Toyota Park and the USA vs. Munster game. A really great match between Wisconsin and the Minnesota U-19s, but Minnesota took the win by two tries.

Afterwards, my boyfriend came to find me and we walked to meet the bus of all of our Madison rugby teams to socialize and then watch the USA Eagles. This was my first-ever live game to see the USA team (men or women) and an international opponent at that. And Toyota Park was pretty cool, we had great seats and despite the loss, I did enjoy the match quite a lot. And I also enjoyed some nice cold beer and sharing a hot dog and pork sandwich with Big T and my lovely teammates.

You can’t beat watching live rugby in a stadium with all of your friends and teammates. You just can’t. And being surrounded by rugby goodness all around you, with an entire stadium of other players and fans. We saw so many rugby friends from other teams, including the very much missed Kim K. with her Colorado teammates (COME HOME!!).

So today, I’m very tired and not feeling super (too much socializing just a bit), it’s raining in Madison again, but I’ll play catch up this week for all of the rugby fun going on lately. And I’m so glad this weekend is a holiday and we can relax and enjoy the last weekend of summer.

Plus … Saturday marked exactly one month until my 30th birthday. Kind of crazy.



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2 responses to “Back …

  1. Anonymous

    Where did the U-19 women play?
    I was pretty disappointed that the “other” rugby games weren’t advertised. Or maybe I didn’t know the correct places to look. My husband and I showed up right when the Wolfhounds(?) were finishing their game.
    I would have been happy to show up early (Toyota park is 15mins from my house) and watch other rugby games.
    It’s was a real shocker switching from Eagle play to watching those young boys play at half time but great to see them out there.

    Great game though. When I was living in NY I saw USA v. France and USA v. Wales, both in Ct.

    This was a much better game.


  2. With Malice

    Nice stuff Blondie… and welcome back.
    And still interested in getting you to write an article on Rugby for With Malice IF you’re interested…

    Go Wallabies…


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