Rugby Bits & Bites … First Day of the Fall Season!

First team practice tonight! But first some rugby goodness …

• Harry Potter’s friend Hermione and I have something in common … we both are dating rugby hunks.

• Oh to live in a country where a women’s rugby player is a “sexy” celebrity who’s recent breakup is tabloid fodder, instead of Mrs. Federline.

Are you excited for the World Cup? It’s coming up quick! Here’s a few Rugby World Cup bits and bites, with some features on our own USA Eagles …

Idiot’s Guide to the World Cup

Hercus Holds Key to States’ Success

Emerick Emerges as Eagles’ Star Man

Thorburn Helping Eagles to New Heights

• And in something I can’t link to … I saw a photo of a very good looking Eagle Flanker in his underwear today. I am now looking more forward to the upcoming international match in Chicago, Aug. 26. 🙂

And in case you’re not thinking this far ahead, don’t forget the IRB 7s season is also only a few months away …

Sevens Rugby More Popular Than Ever

• And the IRB 7s Schedule was announced earlier this month:

Nov. 30-Dec. 1 — Dubai
Dec. 7-8 — South Africa

Feb. 1-2 — New Zealand
Feb. 9-10 — United States
March 28-30 — Hong Kong
April 5-6 — Australia
May 24-25 — England
May 31-June 1 — Scotland

And lest you think I’ve gone way too international today, all across the world rugby seasons are starting up.

• The UK’s Times Online provides us with some helpful info on getting in shape for rugby

• And should your club ever need to perform the Haka (or you’re just curious what it actually means), one blogger breaks the ancient war dance down for us.

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One response to “Rugby Bits & Bites … First Day of the Fall Season!

  1. Nursedude

    Blondie, since you appreciate the male form, I read somewhere that a French photographer came up with a BOOK with naked/semi naked French ruggers showing off their aesthetic, buff physics.

    Locker room nudes/Dieux du Stade-It’s on Amazon

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