Weekend Recap

I’m not blogging much today … too much to do. But wanted to recap the weekend.

Saturday, our men’s team held their annual 10s tournament. Over the past few years, our women’s team has partnered with the men to host it in varying capacities. This year, we decided to just focus on getting women’s teams in for games and then having our usual jello shot fundraiser on the sidelines, rather than working the food tent.

In the past, a lot of the men’s players have just played and partied all day, not realizing how hard all the volunteers were working to pull this off. This played a big factor in our team opting to not volunteer for this year. But to their credit, the guys really pulled a nice and well organized tournament this weekend.

It always feels like pulling teeth, but I got us a four-team women’s 7s bracket for playing. We have a local college team (UW-Whitewater Women), our state’s D-2 team (Milwaukee Scylla), our team and I had enough interest from individuals for a mixed-side team as the fourth team.

The mixed-side had a lot of younger or less experience players though, so instead I figured it would be best to take all 18 of our available players and split it up as evenly in experience/talent as we could. So we had Team White and Team Red. And Team Red won the coin toss for the our good lightweight jerseys. I was on Team White, which wore our less-favored white game jerseys.

In our round-robin play, every team had three games. Team White and Team Red dominated play against the other two teams, and by sake of the schedule, met in their third match for a bruiser. We literally beat each other up going for the trys. Team Red took an early lead with three tries in the first half, but no conversions. And we saw our new winger run in two of those, which despite not being on my team for the tournament, made me happy for our team overall. Yeah! Speediness!

In our second half, we rallied back for two tries to a scoreless half for Red, and were pounding the field for our third and winning try (I believe we had a conversion made) when time ran out. So Team Red claimed the trophy, but it was a WWRFC win all around.

Plus we made good money on our jello shots and had fun with all of our new players.

Sunday, I went and helped open the meeting hall for the summer meeting of our State Union, then sat through the meeting. Despite how long they get sometimes, I actually like these meetings. I like being in a room of 40-plus other people who are just as passionate about something you and your teammates are. It just reinforces good relationships and resources.

I finally made it the grocery store for the first time in a few weeks after the meeting wrapped up. Worth noting – I did not purchase any soda. Yes, I had a few sodas on my vacation and I had one on Sunday b/c I couldn’t stand bad vending machine coffee to make it through the meeting, but otherwise, I’m doing pretty damn well quitting my soda habit. And it’s hard … every day at work, I have to fight my urge to go purchase a Diet Dew from downstairs. But I’ll have 2 cups of hot tea or some of my water or juice that I bring with when I’m thirsty or need a pick me up.

It’s harder than you think to break a habit. I will literally be looking for the change and telling myself that it’s okay if I have just one at work … when I realize that it’s a slippery slope. And if I can’t break my soda habit, how will I do at getting better at other stuff I want to work on?

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