Practice Starts Tomorrow

Fall practice starts tomorrow. The first day is always a little exciting and at the same time daunting, if you’re one of the club leaders.

So many questions. Will we have enough players? Will we win enough games? Will we have enough money?

We’re working on a lot of goals for our team right now and some hard work for a bit can make it far easier for the team as a whole down the road. So I’m also rather stressed.

For the first time in my rugby career – 12-plus years – I’m also going to cut back on my available time. We have two practices a week and I have decided that realistically, if I want to accomplish what I need to accomplish this fall for my own self, my career and still playing rugby – I need to cut back. So I’ve decided that after this first week, I’m only going to attend one practice per week on Thursday nights. I’ll save myself time, money in gas and earned money and time in using those Tuesday nights I’d normally be at practice to work on stuff for the team at home and at things I need to accomplish in my life.

I figure this is better than going forward and someday burning out completely. It’s a tough lesson to say No to things. But it’s important. We’ll see how it goes.

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3 responses to “Practice Starts Tomorrow

  1. Em

    Boy do I feel you.

  2. Maryanne

    Burnout happens…too frequently. Good for you being proactive about it. The community can’t afford to lose TOO many leaders….

  3. Katy

    since starting grad school, i have only been able to go to practice once a week. it kills me more each and every season it has to happen…but i know that even if i DIDN’T have class during practice on tuesdays, it would be too much for me to make it. it’s hard realizing that there are things more important than rugby…

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