Out for the Count!

Big thanks to our U-19 Women’s National Team Head Coach Bryn Chivers for sharing this video of a monster tackle by Eagle prop Justine Harris against Wales …

Bryn says:

You see a lot of “big tackle” type videos on the web but rarely ones
from the women so I posted one on the U19 Girls blog. It’s from our game against Wales in March and involves the Welsh #14 running directly at Justine Harris the USA U19 WNT loosehead prop. Just thought it would be nice to see that the women can dish it out as good as the men.

If you haven’t visited the U-19 Girls Rugby Blog, go today and check out this video and others of the U-19s in action.

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2 responses to “Out for the Count!

  1. Nursedude

    CATFIGHT! Love it!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s not a “CATFIGHT” – it’s two very athletic young women playing awesome rugby. Show some respect, dude.


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