Rugby Bits & Bites … 4 hours until vacation starts

Just a couple of bits of rugbyliciousness …

• New Zealand’s a hotbed of rugby, but not a hotbed of “Girl Power” as the Spice Girls might say. But women rugby referees are starting to sir in men’s games …

• I like to read stories like this. A new rugby team in Australia, the Wollondilly White Warratahs, have lost every game this season, with more than 1200 points scored on them. But are they giving up? Not on your life …

“Every week I am just so proud of the team,” Waratahs captain and five-eighth Kerry Mitchell said yesterday. “We all keep our heads held high.”

While they are out of the race for the semis, Wollondilly still have plenty to play for.

“We are definitely going to score at least one try, that is our goal,” Mitchell said.

“And once we do it will be like winning a World Cup for our team.”

Coach Paul Spencer is optimistic about breaking the drought.

“If luck goes our way we should get some points before the end of the season,” he said.

They came agonisingly close two weeks ago when they were held up over the line in a match against Sydney University.

The signs were not positive for Wollondilly on Saturday as they trailed Canterbury 60-0 by halftime.

But coach Spencer was not about to throw in the towel.

“I told them if they got in their faces and cut them down then they have a better chance of stopping them,” he said.

“We are encouraging the girls to concentrate on the fundamentals and just have fun. And believe it or not, they are improving.”

More on the White Warratahs here – Champion Attitude.

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One response to “Rugby Bits & Bites … 4 hours until vacation starts

  1. dave

    New Zealand’s a hotbed of rugby, but not a hotbed of “Girl Power” as the Spice Girls might say.

    Why do you say that? A few facts for you:
    – NZ was the first country to give women the vote (in 1893)
    – NZ’s last two prime ministers have been women (Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley)
    – NZ’s chief justice is a woman (Sian Elias)
    – between 2005 and 2006, NZ was the only country in the world where all five top constitutional positions were held by women (Queen, PM, chief justice and speaker of the house)

    At least you don’t dispute the Black Ferns. And maybe, maybe the All Blacks can pull it off this year…

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