Philly, D.C. … Comin’ Your Way

Thursday morning, my Dad and I are flying out to Philadelphia to meet up with my Mom. She’s been on the East Coast for the past month for a historical teaching tour.

We’ll be flitting around in Philly, Atlantic City and Washington, D.C. for four days, then driving home to good ol’ Wisconsin. And yes, I already realize this is a very quick trip. That’s just how we roll.

I’ve never been to Philadelphia or New Jersey and only spent a few hours poking around Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., so there will be brand new adventures out there for Blondie and parents.

For all of my readers out in that area of the country, drop me a comment and let me know anything I should absolutely not miss. We plan on going to the National Zoo (my mom wants to see the Pandas), possibly 1-2 memorials and maybe the Smithsonian. In Philly, likely the Liberty Bell, but my mom’s been out there seeing most of this stuff already, so we’re really open to anything.

I’m also eagerly anticipating eating seafood. Crab cakes? Or hey, Philly cheese steak sandwiches too.

So leave me a comment! Maybe we’ll take up some of your advice. And worth noting, I will be not be able to drop by and play rugby anywhere (although I thought about it!). This trip is too short and all about family. Next time though.



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11 responses to “Philly, D.C. … Comin’ Your Way

  1. Homo Rugger

    Be sure to stop by the Korean war and the new WWII memorials. I recommend going twice…once in the daytime so you can see everything and once after it’s dark. Both memorials are ten times more powerful after dark. Another one that’s incredible at night is Roosevelt. Lots of large stone formations, running water and lights.

    If you’re looking for a diet buster, 5 guys burgers at 808 H St NW can’t be beat: free peanuts and the best burgers and fries east of the mississippi!

    Finally, one often overlooked but incredibly cool stop is the Jefferson building of the Library of Congress. It’s beautiful and steeped with history.

    Five years of grad school there gave me time to visit lots of stuff. Especially since it’s FREE.

  2. Julia!

    I’m a DC native (though I’ll be back down in Richmond, VA for school), and be sure to check out the lawn of the Mall on a Tuesday or Thursday evening so you can catch the Furies practicing! They’re great girls. 😀

  3. Katy

    i always enjoy the mutter museum ( and the musee rodin in philadelphia. they are less traveled, so you’ll get to see cool stuff with fewer crowds.

  4. Meredith

    I’ll second Katy on the Mutter and Rodin museums, they’re both very cool.

    If you do want to try a cheesesteak, you should go to Tony Luke’s in South Philly. Unless, of course, you want the complete Cheez Whiz tourist experience – then you can go to Pat’s or Geno’s.

    If you like trees and flowers, Longwood Gardens (about an hour southwest of Philly) is really gorgeous, or if you like art AND gardens, Grounds for Sculpture (about an hour north in New Jersey) is really neat.

    If you do do the historical stuff, you should also check out the new Constitution Center, which has all kinds of interactive exhibits.

    Have fun!

  5. Emily

    Also, to add to Meredith and Katy’s ideas, if you’re in Philly on Sunday go to the Art Musuem. Its “just” an art musuem, but on Sunday it is pay-as-you wish (as long as you pay something!) There’s also a nice, paved trail running from there along the river if you want to get a little workout in.

  6. K-Train

    If you want to combine the historical with a little bit of nature in the Philadelphia area, check out Valley Forge national park. It’s beautiful this time of year and if you enjoy colonial and revolution history there it is a lot of fun. Plus when you get tired and hot you can drive 15 minutes to the King of Prussia Mall, which has the most square footage of shopping space in the country.

  7. Nursedude

    YO! Gotta grab a Cheesesteak in Philly. In Washington DC, it’s usually beastly hot and humid-when the President goes to TEXAS to get away from the humidity, that lets you know how brutal it is. You have to see Arlington Cemetery. I also think the Holocaust museum is cannot miss. The Bureau of printing and engraving where they make our paper money is a mind blowing experience. If you really want good seafood, go to the inner Harbor area in Baltimore. Georgetown has some pretty decent bars-in DC, Keep your street smarts, even in a place like Georgetown, some really violent robberies have taken place. Have fun! I love the east coast. My son was at Rutgers university in New Jersey untill the out of state tuition got too brutal.

  8. Nursedude

    PS-on the Mall where you can see the WW II , Vietnam and Korean memorials, t hose are really cool too-particularly the Korean monument if you go first thing in the morning if there is some ground fog, it is eerie as hell.

  9. Anonymous

    Wow, so many things to see out there. The tomb of the unknown from the revolutionary war is in Philly & the mint there is cool too. It’s awesome to look at how planned the city was – it’s a perfect grid.
    D.C. – gotta see the tomb of the unknowns there too, along with the astronauts from the Challenger disaster. If there’s one Smithsonian that was my fav it was the air & space one. The Vietnam Memorial is amazing and the Korean one isn’t far away from it either. I haven’t had a chance to get back for the WWII one yet. Then there’s Iwo Jima. That’s great to see early in the morning. The Air Force just dedicated their memorial in the past year so I haven’t seen that yet either but the reviews have been great.
    Have fun. I would opt for depth, rather than breadth.


  10. Anonymous

    The Atwater Kent Museum
    Reading Terminal Market
    If you are a foodie, grab a bottle of wine and go to one of the many BYO’s in the city…my favorite Itlaian place is Bistro La Baia on 17th & Lombard.
    Be a real tourist by taking a trolley around town
    Lastly, here is a cheap way to get around town

    Have Fun!
    Patti PWRFC

  11. OBG

    Blondie — I’ve been to both and am not native so these are a tourists’ suggestions for what it’s worth:

    DC – My favorite is always the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Make sure you go in from the side of the sculpture and realize as you walk down that the names are in chronological order of their sacrifice. When you get to the bottom, look both ways and reflect in whatever way is personal and meaningful for you.

    Philly: The Italian Market along 9th Street I believe is lots of fun and for a foodie, you’ll love it.

    Have a great time with your family.

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