Rugby Bits & Bites … Day 3 of Soda Sobriety

Day 3 … gave me a headache. I met some old friends from my Sports Information days out for lunch today and had a Fanta (caffeine-free). I have had water and hot tea, just starting my second cup.

This is tough.

On to the rugby …

• I’m at Pride recruiting on Sunday when two radio news reporters stop by to ask me about our awesome sport. “What’s a word or some of the lingo that is unique to rugby that we could use in our show?” “The scrum is probably the most unique thing about rugby …” and as I’m trying to describe what it looks like, I notice the Minotaurs have a flier featuring a scrum. “It’s like this … but without the kissing.” Humorous … to me anyway.

• Turls, one of our U-23 Eagles, has her first NZ post up at Adventures in Rugby. Go over and wish the Eagles good luck in their upcoming matches!

Rugby Magazine came in the mail yesterday. USA Eagle and Minnesota Valkyrie Christy Ringgenberg is the cover girl for the Midwest’s NASC victory! There was also an article on fellow rugby blogger, Renee, over in England, but only in the print copy. Hi Renee!

Online, the women’s profile is Kate Daley of Penn State and MARFU U-23 awesomeness. Also more talk of the Pan Am Games.

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3 responses to “Rugby Bits & Bites … Day 3 of Soda Sobriety

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the shout out and endorsement! I haven’t even seen the magazine yet- it takes a while to cross the Atlantic, I guess.

    Hope all’s well in the midwest!


  2. Nursedude

    Way to go on your attempt to go Cold Dewey off the Mountain Dew and Soda. I’ll be out of town for a couple days while I visit my mom in Colorado. I refer to her as “The Marlboro Woman”, not because she lives in the high country,but she really smokes 3 packs of smokes a day…I’ll probaby get black lung from my weekend with her. Cheers!-Nursedude

  3. nina

    kissing in the scrum:
    i really love this ad:

    as for your soda “detox”: try apple spritzer! it’s both tasty and healthy, as long as you use good organic apple juice and premium seltzer water.
    too bad you don’t have bionade in the staes.

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